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REVIEW: Shogun Bros Ballista MK-1 Mouse by Iain

Date: May 29, 2015
Shogun Bros Ballista MK-1 Mouse Review

The Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 is a well built right handed ergonomic gaming mouse. But at this price and with the basic software and (for me) the poorly placed DPI button I think it could have been better.


REVIEW: Fractal Design Kelvin S24 CPU Cooler by Mike

Date: May 27, 2015
Fractal Design Kelvin S24 CPU Cooler

I recently took a look at the 120mm featured Fractal Design Kelvin T12 CPU Cooler and walked away impressed enough to give it a Silver award, but can the Scandinavian compay impress us again with the bigger Fractal Design Kelvin S24?


REVIEW: HyperX Savage 240GB SSD by James

Date: May 25, 2015
HyperX Savage 240GB SSD Review

The world of SSDs has become a little stagnant as of late, but the HyperX Savage 240 GB (SHSS37A/240G) delivers great performance for the Gamer and adds a little bit of bling too!


REVIEW: Logitech G303 Deadalus Apex Mouse by James

Date: May 22, 2015
Logitech G303 Deadalus Apex Mouse Review

The Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex is a damn good Gaming mouse, it’s got the most accurate sensor on the market and tracks brilliantly in Game, but the unusual shape and the high price is likely to put some of you off…


REVIEW: Mionix Zibal 60 Keyboard by Mike

Date: May 20, 2015
Mionix Zibal 60 Keyboard Review

Choosing the right mechanical Gaming keyboard can prove a pretty tricky proposition for anyone, luckily we have a little something here at pcG from a little Swedish company, whose name always seems to be synonymous with quality assuredness.


REVIEW: Prolimatech Basic 81 CPU Cooler by James

Date: May 18, 2015
Prolimatech Basic 81 CPU Cooler Review

The Prolimatech Basic 81 sets out to be a basic Intel cooler that will appeal to OEMs and systems builders and that it does. With a good build quality and good cooling there’s very little to critique other than perhaps the price.


REVIEW: Crucial BX100 250GB SSD by Mike

Date: May 15, 2015
Crucial BX100 250GB SSD Review

Have Crucial just beaten themselves at their own Game with an even cheaper entry than the MX200 to the budget SSD arena in the form of the Crucial BX100 250GB?


REVIEW: Tesoro Shrike Mouse by James

Date: May 13, 2015
Tesoro Shrike Mouse Review

There’s a lot to like about the Tesoro Shrike, the aesthetics, the shape, the comfort and even the button positioning is good. But one of the concerns that I have is regarding its tracking, It’s not bad, but something feels wrong, and that’s not good…


REVIEW: Raijintek Triton CPU Cooler by James

Date: May 11, 2015
Raijintek Triton CPU Cooler Review

They do say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that’s certainly true when it comes to the Raijintek Triton. The poor packaging and odd design choices at first clouded my judgement. But the fact is this is one desirable All in One…


REVIEW: NZXT Kraken X61 CPU Cooler by Mike

Date: May 8, 2015
NZXT Kraken X61 CPU Cooler Review

The pcG All-In-One liquid CPU cooler round-up continues forward with the biggest cooler in the NZXT line-up the NZXT Kraken X61, but does bigger necessarily mean better???