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REVIEW: Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX Titan Black by James

Date: January 30, 2015
Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX Titan Black Review

So does the Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX Titan Black still have a place in today’s lineup of high-end Graphics Cards? The answer is well, yes it does, but you’ll need a real reason for choosing a card like this…


REVIEW: Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse by Gary

Date: January 29, 2015
Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse Review

All in all, the OZONE Neon is a decent mouse, it’s great for Gaming and great for everyday use, it’s ambidextrous layout makes it available for everyone to jump on and use it easily, it may not be all singing and dancing like some mice but it does the job subtlety and effectively


REVIEW: BitFenix Pandora Case by Mike

Date: January 28, 2015
BitFenix Pandora Case Review

Over the last few weeks, pcG Mike has been building up the courage to take a peek at the evils that lurk within Pandora’s box… Ok, perhaps that’s a little over dramatic, so here we have the BitFenix Pandora instead!


REVIEW: Cube Reaper System by James

Date: January 27, 2015
Cube Reaper System Review

We may not have seen many Full Review Systems here at pcG, but we are building them almost every day! And if we were to have a budget of £999, I’m not sure we could build much better Gaming Rig than the Cube Reaper!


REVIEW: MSI Z97i GAMING AC Motherboard by Mike

Date: January 26, 2015
MSI Z97i GAMING AC Motherboard Review

As ever shrinking Gaming rigs become more and more popular, pcG decided we should really take a look at some MITX cases. So what to put in them? The MSI Z97i GAMING AC of course! But does a shrink in size mean shrinking performance?


REVIEW: Gigabyte Force H1 Bluetooth Headset by Terry

Date: January 23, 2015
Gigabyte Force H1 Bluetooth Headset Review

I have to admit to being excited to try out a wireless headset for the first time and had high hopes for the Gigabyte Force H1, but initial concerns over styling and design, were confirmed when I placed them on my head…


REVIEW: In Win 901 Case by Mike

Date: January 22, 2015
In Win 901 Case Review

The In Win 901 is a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst on one hand I’d happily say out loud it’s the most beautiful and desirable case I’ve ever laid eyes on, then on the other hand…


REVIEW: Zotac GEFORCE GTX 970 by James

Date: January 21, 2015
Zotac GEFORCE GTX 970 Review

The Zotac GEFORCE GTX 970 proves that all the best things come in small packages, the diminutive card not only performs well, but overclocks well too, whilst remaining relatively cool and quiet…


REVIEW: NZXT S340 Case by James

Date: January 19, 2015
NZXT S340 Case Review

Once out of the box, I have to admit that I was already a fan of the NZXT S340 thanks to its small size and its ability to swallow a full ATX system, while showing it off via a beautifully placed side window.


REVIEW: E-Blue Cobra Gaming Bundle by James

Date: January 16, 2015
E-Blue Cobra Gaming Bundle Review

I guess playing with the E-Blue Cobra Gaming Bundle has proven a point for all of us here at pcG, you don’t need to spend a £150 on (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset) if you don’t want to, these three peripherals might just be all you’ll need. I know I did pretty well with them…