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What you playing then James – part 1

Here at pcGameware all of the reviewers are gamers and we don’t just review kit we actually play games too! Over the review period the hardware being reviewed actually gets used as part of our normal gaming routine.

The pcGameware team play one game above and beyond any other and that game is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to bag one of our dog tags, a highly prized possession I’m sure! Below I have listed the main team members with a link to their stats:

James (Bad80y) – stats
Terry (ChargeNut) – stats
Greg (Shaddow) – stats

Over the last few weeks; when not playing BFBC2, I have been busy finishing Crysis 2 (a good game really!) and Mass Effect 2 (a very good game (great ending!), looking forward to Mass Effect 3). I have also been playing Portal 2 with Terry and must say that I have never laughed so much in a game in my life (it’s a great co-op game and there is nothing better than sending your partner into a brick wall at the last minute just for fun!).


Currently I am playing Witcher 2 (wow that’s 4 sequels I’ve played, weird eh!). Over the last few years I have slowly been getting into RPG games via the likes of (Oblivion, Fallout 3, Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2). Witcher 2 is probably the best so far, it really is that good, although I would confess that it’s a little daunting at the start.



One of the best (and interesting!) aspects of The Witcher 2 is that not only does it look great but, more importantly, with ALL of the graphics settings set to the MAX (just the way I like it!) it doesn’t run at a acceptable frame rate on my rig (if you didn’t follow the link READ: SLI GTX580 & Core i5 2500K @4.3GHz). This is actually down to just one setting in the Witcher 2 Configuration Tool (above); Uber Sampling (WTF is that?), what ever it is it reduces my FPS from a V.Synced 60 FPS to less that 20 at times.

Here we have a setting that I just can’t turn on (sniff, sniff!), maybe I need a 3rd GTX 580 lol!

Good game though…



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