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Major Bug discovered in Latest PC Mark 8

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pcGameware discovers major bug in latest PC Mark 8 benchmarking software




– ALL TESTS WITH SSDs and HDDs return the SAME RESULT? –


Oxford, United Kingdom — November 5, 2013 — pcGameware.co.uk; an Online PC Hardware Review site dedicated to the Gaming community, today discovers a major bug in the latest benchmarking software from Futuremark.

While working within the TUNING section of the latest version of PC Mark 8 (1.2.157), it was noted during testing that various SSDs seemed to be performing similarly to one another. Further investigation revealed that even Hard disks were also performing similarly!


PCMark 8 - Choose drive to test (not working)


After repeating test after test to prove his results, pcG James assumed a possible bottleneck was present causing all drives to perform the same, or was there a bug in the software?


Kingston HyperX Na'Vi 240GB SSD - Results

Kingston HyperX Na’Vi 240GB SSD Results

Western Digital Black 1TB HDD - Results

Western Digital Black 1TB – Results


After contacting Futuremark regarding a possible defect within the software, additional testing was carried out, but the anomaly remained. After further investigation by pcGameware & Futuremark, Futuremark have confirmed the following:

FUTUREMARK says: Okay, I can confirm that the tuning tab “select drive to test” dropdown is indeed not working. No matter what you choose, it always benchmarks your OS drive.

I’ve flagged this as a major bug but I cannot say at this time how quickly it can be fixed. It will definitely be fixed in next update to PCMark 8, but I have no ETA as to when one will be made.

Tests are still ongoing to determine if the same issue is with the main benchmark page when running full storage test. I suspect not as per our testing logs this feature was tested with v 1.2.157 prior to shipping, but I will have to double-check to be absolutely certain.

Of course I will keep you updated as this develops and we wait for a patch…

UPDATED (7 November 2013) see here…

ATB pcG James

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