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NZXT Phantom Review

NZXT Phantom

Manufacturer: NZXT

Available at: www.novatech.co.uk

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What we have here is the NZXT Phantom, a new case from NZXT’s ‘Crafted Series’, this is the white edition, but it’s also available in red and black. The Phantom comes with 4 fans pre installed; x2 120mm intake fans in the left side, 1 rear 120mm exhaust fan and a 200mm exhaust fan in roof of the case.

Will it give James’s mighty Silverstone FT02 a run for it’s money in the cooling stakes? It’s certainly a lot cheaper than the Silverstone, currently retailing for approximately £105, but this is still £40+ more than the Cooler Master HAF 912 found in both Terry’s and Greg’s rigs.

So let’s see what’s inside the box.

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Reviewers thoughts


James awards Gold - Click for full review So the case cools as good as it looks then? Well almost; remaining within 4 degrees of the £200+ Silverstone FT02 (during the 4.3GHz prime 95 run) is a great achievement and it managed to do this without any of the optional fans being fitted (maybe a short blog is required for that test!).

I really love this case, I actually prefer the case to my Silverstone FT02, the only real chink (and it is only a small chink) is that out of the box it’s cooling is not a good as I would like it to be. If I were buying a new case the NZXT Phantom would actually be very near the top of my list, but I think that I just might buy one or two of those additional 200mm fans at the same time.

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Greg awards Silver - Click for full review The case was great to work with; the extra space afforded by the tower size made installation just that much easier than with a midi sized case; from the fitting of the motherboard power connectors and general cable management.

Cooling whilst great on paper didn’t seem to live up to expectations; falling behind my Coolermaster HAF912+ setup (which has been expanded with additional top 200mm and side 140mm fans in addition to the default configuration). Sound levels were at acceptable levels during all testing; the main culprit being the noisy Nvidia GTX 580 cards, keeping those cool is the key to keeping the overall noise levels down.

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Terry awards Bronze - Click for full review CPU cooling appears to be marginally better with my HAF-912 in the Prime95 tests, but only just, with around 0.4 of a degree in it (this is within tolerances though). However the GPU cooling seems to definitely be better using the NZXT Phantom over my HAF-912, with it being 2-3 degrees cooler in comparative tests. So performance wise it cools better than my default configuration HAF-912.

Summary is, a nice case, cooler than my HAF-912, but maybe lacking a bit of the quality that the HAF has.

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Final Verdict


The NZXT Phantom has has performed well in the hands of the pcGameware team and although each of us has given the Phantom an award all of the awards are different!

James was very impressed with the case feeling that case was of a high quality and the price was good too. The cooling, while good, could have been better; something that could be achieved by fitting the optional fans.

Greg was also was impressed with the quality, although he struggled with the drive caddies (a problem Terry later solved!). Again Greg felt that while the cooling was good it could have been a little better.

Terry’s main concern was the price as he struggled to justify the price (£105) over his current case the HAF 912 plus (£65). Suggesting that for him the extra space, fan controller and additional cooling was not enough to justify the extra £40!

Overall we liked the NZXT Phantom and if you have the space and like the price we would definitely recommend it, just take a look at one or two of those optional fans while your at it!


The NZXT Phantom is awarded a pcGameware Silver Dogtag


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