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Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler Review

March 5th, 2015 Mike Leave a comment Go to comments


With our recent review of the Reeven Hans, I walked away extremely impressed. Not only was it the first product I’d seen by the relative newcomers to the CPU Cooling industry, but with its high build quality, good looking aesthetics, surprising performance and low price it really ticked all the right boxes. Now I’m looking at their flagship CPU Cooler the Reeven Okeanos, can they prove yet again that they merit our attention with another high quality CPU Cooler, with great performance and looks to match, at a reasonable price? Or are Reeven going to be added to that growing list of flash in the pan, one hit wonders?!

The Okeanos represents the premium CPU Cooler presented by Reeven. To meet this demand, the Reeven Okeanos has two centrally positioned Ø8mm nickel plated copper heatpipes, which are surrounded by four further Ø6mm heatpipes. The Reeven is a dual tower cooler which features two fans, one of which is a Coldwing 12 (120mm) and the other a Coldwing 14 (140mm). This fan set-up should allow for exceptionally quiet operation and a high level of cooling performance. Just in case this is a little too loud for you, Reeven also include two power adapters to lower the fan voltage and noise levels.

We best take a closer look!


Reeven logo Large ‘OKEANOS , the flagship of Reeven CPU cooler, represents extreme performance. This high-end model is designed with two fans and heatsinks, 6 high-quality heatpipes and fine-polished copper base, OKEANOS is definitely the best choice for overclocking and gamers.’


Reeven Okeanos - box front Reeven Okeanos - box back


The Reeven Okeanos arrived in a box featuring a similar design to the Reeven Hans we recently reviewed. Except instead of the maroon colouring, the Okeanos is of a slate blue colour with a stone-like effect. The box front features the Reeven logo and slogan ‘Don’t think, feel it!’, a large angled image of the CPU Cooler inside, then a list of features as follows:

  • Dual Radiator and dual fans provide extraordinary performance
  • Total six heatpipe for maximum heat transfer
  • Nickel-plated heatpipe maintain top quality and performance
  • Unique mounting kit for easy installation
  • SSA (Speed Switch Adapter) for desirable adjustment

Over on the back we have the product name and part number, a small specifications list in six languages, along with the product SKU and company web address.


Reeven Okeanos - box left Reeven Okeanos - box top Reeven Okeanos - box right


The left side of the box we are given the CPU compatibility list, another Reeven logo, two technical diagrams of the Reeven Okeanos with measurements and a list of sensible cautions.

On top of the box we are shown the another image of the Okeanos, CPU socket compatibility, product name and part number, but this time it also highlights that the CPU Cooler features a Dual Radiator and Ø6mmx4 + Ø8mmx2 Heatpipes.

From the right side of the box, we see a slightly different angled image of the Reeven Hans, beneath which we have three pictograms signifying the following features:

  • Dual Fan
  • Dual Radiator
  • Nickel Plated Heatpipe


Reeven Okeanos - unboxing Reeven Okeanos - heatsink and fans


Opening up the box, shows us the Reeven Okeanos for the first time. The tops of the dual radiators look pretty good whilst the whole contents are safely packaged within.


  • Box Contents

    Reeven Okeanos - contents
    • Reeven Okeanos Heatsink
    • Reeven Coldwing 12 120mm Fan
    • Reeven Coldwing 14 140mm Fan
    • AMD & Intel Fittings
    • Thermal Paste
    • 6x Fan Clips
    • Installation Manual


    At the time of this review, the Reeven Okeanos has limited availability, but is available for import from Varitem for €59,95 (approximately £44.00) and comes with a typical 24 month warranty.



    courtesy of Reeven


    Model Number RC-1402
    Socket INTEL: LGA 115x / 1366 / 2011
    AMD: AM2(+) / AM3(+) / FM1 / FM2(+)
    Overall Dimension (W)140 x (H)163 x (D)135mm
    Fan Dimension 14cm: 140 x 140 x 25mm
    12cm: 120 x 120 x 25mm
    Heatpipe Ø6mmx4 + Ø8mmx2
    Fan Speed 14cm: 300~1700(*300~1100)RPM
    12cm: 300~1800(*300~1200)RPM
    Air Flow 14cm: 16.3~92.4(*16.3~59.8)CFM
    12cm: 16.6~92.5(*16.6~63.8)CFM
    Static Pressure 14cm: 0.002~0.091(*0.002~0.034)inch H2O
    12cm: 0.003~0.098(*0.003~0.042)inch H2O
    Noise Level 14cm: 5.8~36.4(*5.8~21.3)dBA
    12cm: 4.0~33.4(*4.0~23.6)dBA
    Weight (with Fans) 1145g

    * Additional details available here


    First Impressions


    With the Reeven Okeanos out of the box, I have admit my surprise yet again. As seen with our recent viewing of the Reeven Hans, the build quality and aesthetics really are good.


    Reeven Okeanos - top Reeven Okeanos - top fans


    As you can clearly see from above, the Reeven Okeanos is a dual tower cooler. Just like the Reevan Hans before it, the Okeanos features a rather lovely brushed aluminium capping fin, with embossed detailing and Reeven name, along with the blunt ended rivets for holding the top of the fin stacks more securely. Except this time instead of one, their are two! Each of the two towers measure 140mm(W) x 163mm(H) x 40mm(D) without the fans, together measuring a total of 110mm in depth.


    Reeven Okeanos - side Reeven Okeanos - side fans


    From the sides we can see either fin stack is composed of 58 aluminium fins, while we can also see two (either side) of the six nickel plated copper heatpipes. The side pipes are Ø6mm and slightly staggered to help improve the heat dissipation of the CPU Cooler. Throwing on both fans does increase the total size ever so slightly, with an additional 25mm in depth for a total of 135mm.


    Reeven Okeanos - front Reeven Okeanos - front fans


    From the front of the Reeven Okeanos heatsink, we can see the two centrally placed heatpipes more clearly. These differ from that of the four outer pipes and are slightly larger at Ø8mm each. As with the Hans before it, the Okeanos features a trademark coloured, black and yellow Coldwing 12 (120mm) fan, that has a rated speed of 300~1500RPM, with airflow measured at 16.6~82.1CFM, static pressure rated at 0.003~0.067inchH2O, along with a fairly low noise level production of 4.0~29.8dBA. Where the Okeanos differs of course, is the addition of a Reeven Coldwing 14 (140mm) fan. This fan produces speeds of between 300~1700, creating an airflow rated at 16.3~92.4, with a static pressure of 0.002~0.091, whilst providing a slightly higher lever of noise at 5.8~36.4.


    Reeven Okeanos - bottom


    Underneath the Reeven Okeanos, shows us a large machine finished and polished baseplate, which like the heatpipes attached, is nickel plated copper. If you take a slightly closer look at the heatpipes from this angle, you can clearly see the two central pipes are slightly thicker by Ø2mm


    Reeven Okeanos Vs Raijintek Themis - top Reeven Okeanos Vs Raijintek Themis - front Reeven Okeanos Vs Raijintek Themis - side


    With a side by side comparison of the Reeven Okeanos and our regular test CPU cooler the Raijintek Themis, we can see a considerable size difference owing to its dual heatsink format. Measuring in at 163mm(H) x 140mm(W) x 135mm(D) Vs 158mm(H) x 122mm(W) x 78mm(D) of the Themis. The Reeven Okeanos is also considerably heavier weighing in at 835g (without fan) Vs 448g (without fan) for the Themis. However we should find (hopefully!) that the increase in size should help the thermal performance considerably too.


    Reeven Okeanos - angled


    So far so good! The Reeven Okeanos follows in the footsteps of its smaller brother the Hans. It looks rather good, features great build quality and appears deceptively small for a CPU Cooler of its ilk (it actually isn’t at all). Perhaps more importantly is the Okeanos seems to be very reasonably priced at approximately £44.00. Could there be a reason for this? Let’s get it in the Test Rig to find out!


    Hardware Installation


  • Test Rig Setup

  • Case Cooler Master HAF XB Power Supply Corsair Professional Series AX 760i
    Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer CPU Intel Core i5-4690K
    CPU Cooler Reeven Okeanos RAM HyperX Savage 2400MHz 8GB Kit
    Graphics Card XFX AMD Radeon R9 290X DD Black Edition SSD HyperX FURY 120GB


    Reeven Okeanos - installed top Reeven Okeanos - installed side Reeven Okeanos - installed angled Reeven Okeanos - installed front


    Installing the Reeven Okeanos was almost identical to that of the recently reviewed Hans. This was in large due to the identical mounting assembly. The only two differences being the mounting bracket itself being mounted in a vertical orientation to allow for the heatsink mounts and the additional 140mm fan. So rather than risking repetition and copying myself word for word, I’ll let you read for yourself here.

    I’ll admit the with repeated use, the Reeven mounting system becomes easier and easier to install due to its simple and straightforward design. Sadly the same grievances are also carried over… I didn’t particularly like the inconvenience or the extra time it takes to install the mounting plate assembly, using the nuts, but the fan clips used are probably more of an inconvenience. They are very taut, which makes them rather fiddly to clip onto the Okeanos towers. Admittedly it doesn’t help when the person installing them suffers from impatience…


    Testing Methodology/Setup


    Reeven Okeanos - thermostat For CPU Cooler testing, we here at pcGameware run Prime95 for a 15 minute period. During this period the temperature is monitored with CoreTemp and the cooling performance recorded (the max recorded is the average for all cores). Between each stress test we allow a 15 minute cool-down to allow for more accurate results. To adjust the fan speed we simply use the UEFI. A close eye is also kept on the ambient temperature, with the maximum being recorded for each run, this allows us to calculate the Delta temperature (Core – Ambient = Delta). Each run was performed with the Intel Core i5-4690K CPU at the following frequencies: 3.5GHz (Stock) and 4.0GHz (using the ASROCK OC Tweaker, shown in the picture below), all results have been recorded with CPU-Z.

    * Please note: To ascertain the maximum and minimum noise levels produced by our CPU test coolers. The dB is recorded at a distance of 1 metre from the cooler, with all case fans unplugged to isolate the sound in question.


    UEFI OC Disabled (3.5GHz) UEFI Overclock (4.0GHz)


    Processor speed is set using the OC Tweaker tab of the UEFI, “Disabled” for stock speeds (3.5GHz) and “Turbo 4.0GHz” for the minor overclock tests. It should be noted that changing the OC settings resets the Fan Speeds, so these are checked on the next reboot and reset to “Full Speed” (see below).


    UEFI Fan Options UEFI Fan Settings UEFI Fan Speeds


    All the fans installed in the system are set to 100% speed using the displayed settings, this is simple with the ASROCK UEFI with the option of “Full Speed” being available for all system fans (bar the Power Fan header).


    CPU-Z - Reeven Okeanos - 3.5GHz

    CPU-Z – Reeven Okeanos – 3.5GHz (fans @ 100%)

    CPU-Z - Reeven Okeanos - 4.0GHz

    CPU-Z – Reeven Okeanos – 4.0GHz (fans @ 100%)


    Hardware Performance


    As stated above, to make our performance tests easier to follow and to get the most accurate recordings, all of the following tests have been carried out with case fans set at 100% and the Reeven Okeanos fans also set at 100%.


    • Intel Core i5-4690K – 3.5GHz (stock)


    Prime95 - NH-D15 - i5-4690K - 3.5GHz (stock)

    Noctua NH-D15 – Prime95 – 3.5GHz (fans @ 100%)

    Prime95 - Reeven Okeanos - 3.5GHz

    Reeven Okeanos – Prime95 – 3.5GHz (fans @ 100%)

    15 Min-3.5GHz-Mugen Max

    Scythe Mugen Max – Prime95 – 3.5GHz (fans @ 100%)


    CPU Cooler Fan Speed Ambient Temperature Max CPU Temperature (core average) Delta Temperature Noise Level
    Noctua NH-D15 100% 25.00 44.75 19.75 44dB
    Reeven Okeanos 100% 22.00 43.75 21.75 45dB
    Scythe Mugen Max 100% 22.00 47.00 25.00 36dB
    Reeven Hans 100% 26.00 51.50 25.50 34dB
    Raijintek Themis Evo 100% 21.50 47.50 26.00 37dB
    Noctua NH-U9S 100% 24.00 50.00 26.00 38dB
    Raijintek Themis 100% 21.50 50.75 29.25 47dB
    Cryorig C1 100% 23.00 56.25 33.25 42dB
    Noctua NH-D9L 100% 25.00 55.75 30.75 33dB
    SilverStone Argon AR06 100% 23.50 79.50 56.00 28dB

    * Thermals Explained


    Ok, being a dual tower CPU Cooler, I was expecting the Reeven Okeanos to provide adequate cooling for our i5-4690K test CPU. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this good though. With a maximum average core temperature of 43.75C, the Reeven Okeanos is not only cooler than our usual Raijintek Themis test coolers by 7.00C, but it is even 1.00C lower than that of the mighty Noctua NH-D15. Looking at the Deltas and we find the Okeanos still cools far better than the Themis with a temperature of 21.75C Vs 29.25C, some 7.50C less, but it actually runs 2.00C warmer than the NH-D15.


    • Intel Core i5-4690K – 4.0GHz (OC Tweaker)


    Prime95 - Reeven Okeanos - 4.0GHz

    Reeven Okeanos – Prime95 – 4.0GHz (fans @ 100%)

    Prime95 - NH-D15 - i5-4690K - 4.0GHz (oc)

    Noctua NH-D15 – Prime95 – 4.0GHz (fans @ 100%)

    15 Min 4GHz - Mugen Max

    Scythe Mugen Max – Prime95 – 4.0GHz (fans @ 100%)


    CPU Cooler Fan Speed Ambient Temperature Max CPU Temperature (core average) Delta Temperature Noise Level
    Reeven Okeanos 100% 23.50 51.75 28.25 45dB
    Noctua NH-D15 100% 24.00 52.50 28.50 44dB
    Scythe Mugen Max 100% 22.00 55.75 33.75 36dB
    Reeven Hans 100% 25.00 59.25 34.25 34dB
    Raijintek Themis Evo 100% 21.50 58.00 36.50 37dB
    Noctua NH-U9S 100% 23.50 60.25 36.75 38dB
    Raijintek Themis 100% 21.00 59.50 38.50 47dB
    Noctua NH-D9L 100% 24.50 67.00 42.50 33dB
    Cryorig C1 100% 23.00 65.75 42.75 42dB
    SilverStone Argon AR06 100% 23.50 92.50 69.00 28dB

    * Thermals Explained


    However, by throwing a little extra voltage through the CPU and overclocking it to 4.0GHz and astonishingly, the Reeven Okeanos jumps to the top of the thermal performance charts! Admittedly with a maximum average core temperature of 51.75C (28.25C Delta) it is only marginally cooler than that of the Noctua NH-D15’s maximum average core temperature of 52.50C (28.50C Delta), but given the price difference I find that pretty phenomenal!




    As is the case of most large dual tower CPU Coolers, with the additional fan and increased air turbulence as the air flows through the extra heatsink, things can get a little louder than you’d perhaps expect. With the Reeven Coldwing 12 and 14 set at 100% within the UEFI, the maximum noise produced was recorded at 45dB. Whilst certainly not enough to cause partial deafness, this is a little loud (for me at least). Of course you won’t be running the fans at 100% all the time, so the good news is when set at their minimum, the Okeanos and its fans produce 28dB of sound.


    Final Thoughts


    When I recently took a look at the Reeven’s mainstream CPU Cooler the Hans, I walked away surprised by its build quality, aesthetics, performance and low price, all of which left me impressed. So when I had the opportunity to take a look at their flagship, the Reeven Okeanos, how could I refuse?

    The Reeven Okeanos arrived at pcG within a surprisingly small box adorned with a blue slate stone effect, displaying some nice imagery of the CPU Cooler concealed within and just enough information to tell you about the Okeanos’ features. With the box opened, the CPU Cooler and contents were revealed to be safely and sensibly packaged inside. Once removed, we find the Okeanos follows in the footsteps of the Reeven Hans before it. The CPU Cooler’s dual heatsinks feel very well made, with solid fins that have very little in the way of flex. The lovely brushed aluminium capping fins with embossed detailing and Reeven name, as well as the flat top retainer bolts make a welcome return, which combined with the dual black and yellow Coldwing fans make the Okeanos very easy on the eye. Oddly when fully assembled the Okeanos actually looks smaller than your typical dual heatsink CPU Cooler, where at 163mm(H) x 140mm(W) x 135mm(D) and weighing 1145g it isn’t really at all.

    Installation of the Reeven Okeanos is on the whole pretty straightforward and simple, provided you have a little patience that is. The mounting assembly is identical to that of the Hans except the mounting plate itself is mounted with the heatsink holes running vertically to match the bigger Okeanos heatsink. Despite it ease of installation, Reeven have chosen to stick with the same annoying and time consuming nuts to keep the mounting plate affixed. Which certainly do the necessary job, I just find them irritating when there are quicker and easier ways of doing it. My other issue is the fan clips, to which I’ll hold my hands up and admit a generally don’t like anyway. In the case of the Okeanos, these clips seem too taut and when combined with the very tight heatsink fan mounts, makes the 120mm front fan awkward to install when you have an expansion card installed near the CPU slot (or even a non-removable roof or side panel opposite it), this also means the 140mm Coldwing 14 fan between the two towers is even more awkward still. Of course if your a little patient (unlike me), you should be fine.

    Where the Reeven Okeanos really surprises, just like its forbearer is in the area of performance. Both in the 3.5GHz and the 4.0GHz thermal tests, the Okeanos does nothing but impress! Within the initial 3.5GHz test, the Okeanos proved to be marginally warmer than our current top dog, the Noctia NH-D15 (by 2.00C (Delta)). Yet in the 4.0GHz test and with a Delta of 28.25C, it actually beats the monster Noctua CPU Cooler by 0.25C! Which may seem like very little, but don’t forget we are comparing a £44.00 underdog to a prestigious £80.00 CPU Cooler here. The only area of performance that lets the Okeanos down slightly (and by that I do mean slightly) is the amount of noise produced. With the twin Coldwing fans running at 100%, the Okeanos produces 45dB of noise, where as at their lowest setting an easily bearable 28dB.

    You really can’t argue about the figures. The Reeven Okeanos is one very cool CPU Cooler (poor I know…). It looks good, performs brilliantly and at £44.00 is a steal. Now if only they were just as easily available as the competition…



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    Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Reeven Okeanos a Gold


    Many thanks to Reeven for providing this sample for review


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