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Func HS-260 Headset Review

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Now you may feel that the peripheral maker Func has been a little bit quiet recently, but this changed recently when they brought out their new range which included a Gaming mouse, mousepad, mechanical keyboard and the new Func HS-260 Gaming headset. To be completely honest, this is the first product I have reviewed from the Californian company, but not my first headset of course. The HS-260 is purely a stereo headset, no virtual sound sound, software or illumination, it’s all about the sound is what I’ve been told…

The Func HS-260 is all about the design, style, build quality and comfort according to the Func website, but of course we need more than just looks. The HS-260 features Optimized Sound for Gaming with its two 50m Drivers and Frequency Response of 20 – 20,000Hz. Also, the headset features a Detachable Cord Solution, Removable Microphone, a choice of either Velour or Leather ear-cup cushions and is designed for Plug ‘n Play using its two 3.5mm connection plugs at the end of the 3m braided cable.

Func - Logo ‘The HS-260 has been designed to help you through long gaming sessions with comfortable, breathable ear cups and an extremely accurate sound image. The closed ear cup design blocks background noise allowing you to stay focused on your game, while the controls are located on the ear cup for easy access allowing you to keep your eyes focused on the screen with minimal distractions. The added features of the removable microphone and detachable cord solution ensure that you have a well-rounded, multi-functional gaming headset.’


Func HS-260 - box front Func HS-260 - box back


The Func HS-260 arrived at pcG in a very kubrickian (or is it kubrick-esque?) white box. The bleak looking 2001/Clockwork Orange style box does have a lot of appeal though, especially in a world where most peripherals come in black packaging. The front of the box features a large image of the HS-260’s ear-cups in the bottom right hand corner and the Func logo, product name and the ‘Functionality. Perfected.’ slogan in the top left hand corner, apart from this there is nothing else to be found apart from the stark white background as you can see in the photos.

The back of the box features an image of the whole Func HS-260 headset with the removable microphone and detachable cord attached. There are seven features of the headset highlighted which are:

  • Optimized sound image for gaming
  • Intuitive control interface integration
  • Detachable cord solution
  • Plug n play no need for installations
  • Velour and leather cushions
  • Closed type design
  • Removable microphone
  • .

    Func HS-260 - box side


    The left and right side of the HS-260 box are exactly the same (hence the one photo), all we find here is the Func logo, product name and the slogan ‘Envision. Perfected.’


    Func HS-260 - box angle   Func HS-260 - front open


    The front of the box is comprised of a sturdy cardboard flap which is held in place by two hidden magnets. On lifting this flap we are treated to a view of the HS-260 headset itself which sits inside a plastic blister beneath a very eye catching cut-out. Going back to my Kubrick references the design of this box and especially the inside view will definitely (or should) remind you of the spaceship interior featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey. On the inside of the flap there is a brief history of Func, list of features (from back of box) and specifications for the HS-260 (please see Specifications/Features below).


    Func HS-260 - unboxing Func HS-260 - contents Func HS-260 - packaging


    In the box other than the headset of course, there’s the removable microphone, detachable braided cable, user manual and an extra pair of leather padded ear pieces (thank you Func). 🙂

    At the time of writing the Func HS-260 is retailing for approximately £58.00 at Ebuyer and comes with a 2 year warranty upon purchase date.



    courtesy of Func




      Technical Specifications:

      • Driver: 50mm, tuned and paired
      • Acoustic construction: Closed
      • Frequency response: 20-20 000Hz
      • Impedance: 32Ohms
      • Cable length: 3m
      • Connection: 2 x 3.5mm

        System Requirements:

        • 3.5mm audio/mic jack

    Product dimensions & weight:

    • 180x105x194 mm / 7.08×4.13×7.64 in
    • 0.37 kg / 0.86 lbs

      System Requirements:

    • 3.5mm Audio/Mic jack


    • HS-260 Gaming Headset
    • Microphone
    • Cable
    • Extra leather earpad cushions
    • Registration card
    • Manual


    * Additional details available here


    First Impressions


    Func HS-260


    My first impression of the Func HS-260 was really good, if you have read any of my past reviews you will know that I have always had a thing for textures and the HS-260 has this in spades. The HS-260 is very light and this comes down to the fact that most of the components are made from plastic, I guess you don’t want a big lump of metal on top of your head do you? The flexible silver/grey headband has a coarse brushed feel to it and the circumaural ear-cups are treated to a rubberised coating. Add the metallic detail that has been added throughout and what you have is a very impressive looking headset so far…


    Func HS-260 - earcup detail Func HS-260 - microphone and cable attached Func HS-260 - braided cable attached


    The Func HS-260 has circumaural ear coupling and closed back design ear-cups which are circular in shape. Both ear-cups are made from plastic and have a matte rubberised coating all over which gives them a very sensual feel. The ear-cups have three cut-outs which reveal the inner parts, this revealed circular area inside has a very shiny metal look to it, what really sets off this area though is the black honeycomb design that Func has gone for. The ear-cups are attached to the headband about halfway down the cup, there is a certain amount of horizontal and vertical swivel, it’s not the greatest amount but enough to fit your head shape. There are two ports, one on each ear-cup, both support the microphone or connection cable, so if you use the left side for the mic then obviously you will use the right side for the cable and vice versa. The removable microphone can be attached to either ear-cup for the left side speaking people or right sided (is there such a thing?). Also, the Func HS-260 does have a detachable cord system so you can either run the braided cable from the left or right ear-cup, depending on your preference or the position of your Gaming rig.


    Func HS-260 - front Func HS-260 - leather earpad cushions


    The HS-260 comes with the velour clothed ear-pads attached to the ear-cups, there is also a leather covered set included in the box for those that prefer a more cooler sensation on their ears. There is a substantial amount of padding to be found so your ears should feel comfortable enough when the headset is worn, inside the ear-cup there is a thin piece of black material which sits between your ears and the 50mm Driver behind it, this has the Func logo printed on it.


    Func HS-260 - left Func HS-260 - volume Func HS-260 - right


    Both sides of the Func HS-260 are pretty much identical, there is only one feature that can be found on one side only and that is the volume control which is I assume on the left hand side. This small grooved dial has a plus and minus symbol printed at each end and that is all there is to it. Remember, both the left side and the right side both have the exact same ports for microphone and the braided connection cable.


    Func HS-260 - headband Func HS-260 - headband cushion


    The headband area feels the weakest part of the Func HS-260, the area you adjust the headband has a slight wobble on the sliding area. I don’t think it would take too much strength or much impact for this section to be damaged or broken, I did not encounter any problems but then again I am super careful and gentle (quiet Ed!). The sides of the headband have the Func word printed on them at the bottom where the band joins the ear-cups. The inner part of the headband has a medium sized leather covered piece of foam with a dotted pattern to it, this is approximately 35mm wide and 15mm thick, this cushion is firm feeling but still very malleable.

    The headband can be adjusted on both sides by approximately 35mm, I have a big head and I found I only needed to adjust the headset by about 7mm on each side. The plastic headband fits your head with quite a lot of grip, when the headset is not being used the ear-cups actually touch each other, this gives you some impression of the amount of spring there is to the HS-260.


    Func HS-260 - must switch Func HS-260 - microphone Func HS-260 - microphone boom


    Both sides of the ear-cups support the boom microphone as I stated earlier, also, you can remove the mic completely if you wish, this is handy if you want to use the headset for aural pleasure only (ahem!). The microphone is comprised of three parts, the jack area with a matte feel box with silver trim, flexible ribbed arm and circular boom at the end. There is a mute button which can be found on the little box, this has a nice feel to it with a very strong feeling switch. The microphone arm can be bent or twisted into any position you like and it is also very easy to straighten it back to the shape it came in.

    The 3m braided cable is orange and black in design and has the look of an exotic snake in my opinion. This connects to either ear-cup as I have already said and there are two 3.5mm jacks found at the end, each for headphone and microphone.

    Overall the Func HS-260 looks very beautiful, the different textures of plastic and the lightweight combine to make the whole headset very desirable to hold in your hands. Of course the HS-260 was not designed to be held and looked at was it, so next thing we need to do is put the headset on, start Gaming and see if it performs as well as it looks…


    Hardware Installation


    Func HS-260 - 3.5mm jacks The Func HS-260 connects to your Gaming Rig via the two 3.5mm connection plugs which are found at the end of a 3m orange and black braided cable braided.


    Testing Methodology/Setup


    The Func HS-260 headset was tested on our new Test Rig, a fresh installation of Windows 10 64Bit with all associated drivers also installed. There is no software to install for the HS-260 as the headset is purely Plug n Play.

    The following games were used during testing:

    • Metro Last Light (benchmark)
    • Unigine Heaven (benchmark)


    Hardware Performance


    • Headset


    The performance of a headset is predominately based upon what it sounds like, therefore what we have here is my opinion on what I think about the audio performance of the Func HS-260 headset; of course this is somewhat subjective…


    Func HS-260 - Func


    The Func HS-260 performed very well during all the benchmark tests and my time spent Gaming, but I will point out that this headset is for those out there that love bass. The HS-260 can still deliver the mid-range and treble but sometimes I did feel like the bass overpowered these a little. All in all though when I was playing games the HS-260 gave me what I needed. In Mad Max I got the bass needed for the throttle of the car and the explosions of the oil refineries and whilst in The Forest where there was not much need for bass I was treated to the more softer sounds found in the mid-range. The headset produced lovely crisp sounds as long as there was not much bass action going on, if there was then you had all the thumping excitement in your ears but at the expense of the richer tones in the background.

    The connection with the two 3.5mm jacks worked very well and the 3m long beautifully flexible braided cable gave me the freedom that I needed. The fact that you can swap the microphone and cable around between the ear-cups is great. I still preferred to keep my mic on the left side due to OCD reasons but for those who want a different set-up then the option is there for you.

    The aspect I was most happy about with the Func HS-260 is that it is a pure stereo headset with no surround sound, virtual surround sound or fake surround sound. The headset had been tuned and optimised by Func to give you what they feel is the best aural experience, maybe it has a little bit too much bass, but to be honest I rather liked it, no frills or gimmicks, just good sound…


    • Comfort


    I found that the Func HS-260 looked more comfortable than it actually was, and this was mainly due to the headband area. Even though the cushion on the headband feels very malleable, it seemed to press down on the top of my head whilst wearing the headset, after a couple of hours I need to remove the headset to give my head a break. The ear-pad cushions were very comfortable though and they fitted my ears perfectly, both the velour and leather cushions were equally good, but my personal preference was with the leather option, I liked the cool feeling instead of the cloth. 🙂


    • Microphone


    The boom style microphone which I had attached to the left ear-cup was of a good length and the fact that you can bend the arm to any position you wanted worked really well for me. Of course it is also great that you can detach the microphone for when you are playing some “johnny no mates” games. The microphone Mute switch worked very well and is easy to access.

    On-line testing with our VOIP program of choice (Razer Comms) went very well with the Func HS-260 and its boom microphone, I had no complaints from my online compadres other than how they wished they had such a sultry sounding voice such as mine of course. 🙂


    Final Thoughts


    Func are back with a new range of peripherals and the Func HS-260 Gaming headset is a beautifully designed stereo headset with detachable microphone and cable. No gimmicks, software or annoying virtual surround sound, just pure stereo at a really good price…

    The Func HS-260 arrived at pcG in a bleak white kubrickian style box. The design gives you a feeling of the future and the images of the HS-260 against the stark white background really set this packaging apart from the usual black or dark design and that we seem to get a lot of nowadays. Inside we find the headset itself, detachable microphone and braided cable, if that wasn’t enough the nice people at Func have included an extra set of leather ear-pads to go along with the already attached velour ones.

    You can see a lot of effort and care has gone into the design of the Func HS-260, it is lightweight with beautiful curves and some of the best textures on a headset that I have come across. The HS-260 is purely a stereo headset with two 50mm drivers and has already been tuned and optimised by Func to give you what they feel is the sound experience you need. The microphone and cable can be attached to either earpiece which is a great feature, maybe your Gaming rig is in an unusual position, or you just like to have your mic on the right, who knows, you decide. The quality of the headset is of a good standard, there is maybe a slight wobble in the adjustment area of the headband but the rest feels very strong and sturdy, especially as the HS-260 is predominately made of plastic.

    The performance of the HS-260 was of a high standard, but I need to stress that it can be a little bit strong on the bass side. I did not find this a problem as when I was playing more relaxed games treble and mid-range sounds were wonderfully realised with real clarity, on the other end of the spectrum my more boisterous games sounded amazing with the strong bass for explosions and such. All in all I found that the HS-260 offered me everything I wanted in the sound department with no need to tweak or worry about the lack of software.

    When it comes to comfort the Func HS-260 suffers a little and this is not to do with the ear cushions which were very comfortable (both velour and leather). The problem was in the headband cushion which did not seem like it would but it hurts the top of your head after a couple of hours. Maybe you can get used to this, but for me I don’t think you should have to, surely the testers back at Func could feel this problem, maybe they have more hair than me. 🙁

    The microphone performed very well and the fact that you can change it to the left, right side or not even attach it at all is an added bonus. The flexible ribbed arm is great for twisting the boom into any position you want and it was also easy to straighten out as well. The mute switch is easily accessed in general the whole microphone feels of a good quality. Of course the most important point is the voice quality, this was well realised and my online friends thought I sounded as good as the real thing (aren’t they lucky!).

    Overall the Func HS-260 was a pleasurable headset to use in the sound department, great bass and clear mid-range sounds without the need to tweak or configure, although when it came to comfort the headband did hurt the top of my head after a while. But for approximately £58.00 the HS-260 is a great buy and looks the absolute business…



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    Func HS-260 PC Gaming Headset



    Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Func HS-260 a Silver


    Many thanks to Func for providing this sample for review


    1. George
      November 2nd, 2015 at 21:34 | #1

      I see three problems why this doesn’t deserve the asking price: the wobble from the headband adjustment area, the switch on the microphone, and the overpowering bass.
      One just simply doesn’t ask that much money for this headset 🙂 £20-30 headsets will do the same thing.

    2. Wicus
      September 21st, 2016 at 08:54 | #2


      My HS-260’s audio cable got messed up, can anyone please tell me where I can get these audio cables??