AOC G2770PQU 27" 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review
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AOC G2770PQU 27″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

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While the Gaming monitor world throws the likes of the ultra fast Nvidia G-Sync enabled Asus Swift PG278Q and the ultra wide AOC U3477PQU in our faces, we find not only do we gain ultra performance, but also an ultra expensive £600.00+ price tag. Then to add additional load on your wallet, to really gain the best performance with either Gaming monitor you’ll really have to stump up even more cash for the latest high end graphics card or even two in SLI or CrossFire. So you’re looking at a sizeable investment even before you start looking at one of these screens. What about alternatives?

Well there are several other screens out there featuring Nvidia G-Sync, although great technology, it’s really only of benefit to those Nvidia graphics card owners out there. Then we have numerous 4K monitors which offer undeniable eye candy, but you’re going to need a lot of graphical horsepower to run most Games at the ultra settings all us PC Gamers deserve. Today I’m looking at a more affordable alternative that we can all use without having to break the bank for additional hardware. Introducing the AOC G2770PQU. A screen which features a 27 inch TN panel and screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p, 144Hz and 1ms response time. In addition to this, the G2770PQU also offers the convenience of an integrated USB hub, speakers and a fully height adjustable stand which tilts, swivels and pivots to suit your needs.


AOC Logo ‘The 27-inch AOC g2770pqu display was designed for anyone who takes gaming seriously. The Full HD resolution, 80M:1 dynamic contrast and quick 1ms response time deliver sharp, detailed images without ghosting or blur. Besides fast-paced action, you’ll enjoy superior sound with the integrated headphone jack and 2 watt speakers. A full range of built-in connectors like VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort let you hook up your computer, laptop, game console, media center and more. Connect all your devices with the four USB hubs – two of which are USB 3.0 for super-speed charging and data transfer. The convenient height-adjustable stand tilts, swivels and pivots to ensure you always have the best viewing and gaming angle. With a sophisticated black finish and narrow bezel, this display offers stunning good looks and excellent performance.’


Sounds promising eh? Let’s take a closer look!

AOC G2770PQU - box


The AOC G2770PQU arrived at pcG in the now familiar packaging of an AOC monitor. That being a brown cardboard box with bright blue band and wave through the centre. At the foot of the box we have some of the monitors features and company web address , then within the band we have four images of the G2770PGU as well as the model name and screen size. Up in the top left corner we also have the AOC logo.


AOC G2770PQU - unboxing


Once the box is opened up, we can see the AOC G2770PQU is protected reasonably well by a combination of hard polystyrene, soft packing foam and bubble bags. Perhaps not quite as conventional as you’d expect, but this is a review sample after all.


AOC G2770PQU - contents
  • Power cable (UK)
  • Power cable (EU)
  • Analogue (D-Sub cable)
  • DVI-D cable
  • DisplayPort cable
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Audio cable
  • User Guide/Monitor Driver CD
  • AOC G2770PQU base

As you can see from the above list of contents, the AOC G2770PQU is packaged with all bar the kitchen sink!


At the time of writing the AOC G2770PQU is retailing for £319.49 on Amazon and offers a 3 year warranty.



courtesy of AOC

Monitor Line Style-line
Monitor Size 27 Inch
Visible Screen Size 597.89mm x 336.31mm
Screen Format 16:9
Brightness 300 cd/m² (type)
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 80M:1
Viewing Angle 178 / 170
Response Time 1 ms
Scanning Frequency
Scanning Frequency H=30~160KHz ( DVI ) / 30~83KHz ( other ),V=50~146Hz ( DVI ) / 50~76Hz ( other )
Maximum Resolution 1920x 1080 @144 Hz for DVI (dual link) ; DP only
Recommend Resolution 1920 x 1080 @60Hz
HDCP compatible Y
Signal Input
Analogue Input: D-Sub Y
Digital Input: DVI-D / HDMI Y / Y
Display Port Input Y
Power Source 100 – 240V 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption On: 45W, Standby: 0.5W, Off: 0.5W
Other Features
Plug & Play Y
OSD Languages AOC 2K11 OSD/ English, French , Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish ,Czech, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Japanese
Speaker Y
Regulations Energystar 6.0 , TCO 6.0 , EPEAT Gold , TUV-GS , TUV-Bauart , CE , FCC , EAC , Energy class B
Wallmount Y
Height Adjustment Y
Pivot Y
Swivel Y
Other Features iCare, i-Menu, e-Saver, Screen+

* Additional details available here


First Impressions


The AOC G2770PQU follows a nice and simple styling which I’m pretty certain I’d seen before. I was right too, the monitor casing and stand are identical to the Q2770PQU reviewed earlier in the year. Which is no bad thing of course as I loved the styling then and still do now. 🙂


AOC G2770PQU - front AOC G2770PQU - back


The front of the AOC G2770PQU features a TN panel measuring 597.89mm x 336.31mm which is 27″ diagonally. The bezel isn’t the thinnest we’ve seen, but at 21mm above and to the sides of the screen, then 32mm beneath, it certainly isn’t the chunkiest either. The bezel itself is black plastic featuring a brushed metal effect. Towards the bottom and centrally we have the AOC logo printed in a matte silver, then in the above left corner 144Hz and top right G277PQU. Rather nicely the graphics in either top corner are barely visible giving the monitor a nice clean look.

Over on the back of the panel, we can see the very same fabric textured effect with glossy black AOC logo used in the Q2770PQU. Personally I really like it, but I’m well aware (as I’m sure you all are) that the chances of seeing the back of the screen after it’s set in place is highly unlikely. Another welcome return for the G2770PQU is the removable stand and arm. The arm itself attaches to the VESA mount and the base is held in place by a single thumb screw which can then be hidden by a rotating plastic cover. AOC have produced the sturdiest VESA mounted monitor stand I’ve ever come across here and I’d be quite happy to use it on any other monitor it might fit on. Looking down the arm we can see AOC have also included a cable tidy, which always come in handy.


AOC G2770PQU - low tilt AOC G2770PQU - high tilt


The adjustable arm allows for full swivel and pivot, with a tilt allowing -5/+25 which should be plenty for anyones needs.


AOC G2770PQU - extended AOC G2770PQU - retracted


The arm also allows for you to adjust its height by up to 130mm, something every monitor should feature as during long Gaming (by that I mean working 😉 ) sessions, I always find it better to have the screen at eye level to help avoid strain (perhaps I’m just getting old… (ED: True!)).




  • USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 Super-Speed Charging Port
AOC G2770PQU - high speed usb


AOC G2770PQU - io left
  • USB 2.0
  • USB 2.0
  • USB 3.0 up-stream (Input)
  • Power Switch
  • Power Input


  • DisplayPort (input)
  • D-Sub (input)
  • DVI-D (input)
  • HDMI (input)
  • Audio
AOC G2770PQU - io right


As you can see from the pictures above, the AOC G2770PQU has plenty of inputs to suit your needs, but in order to take full advantage of the panel’s 144Hz feature, you’ll need to use either the DVI-D or DisplayPort inputs.


AOC G2770PQU - control panel

In the bottom right corner we have the discretely placed control panel, consisting of input select, +/– and menu, then of course the power button on the far right. As always it’s nice to have the buttons hidden from view.


AOC G2770PQU - portrait AOC G2770PQU - iso


The screen also allows for full portrait, but in order to do so you’ll want to adjust the arm to full height and tilt it back to avoid hitting the base.

So the AOC G2770PQU offers a solid set of features and whilst not aesthetically striking, does just enough to look good (to me at least). Despite a slight oddity with the inputs (to run at 144Hz you have to use DisplayPort or DVI-D, so why bother with HDMI and D-SUB?!?), the monitor looks pretty good, but how does it perform?


Testing Methodology/Setup


The AOC G2770PQU was tested using our Test Rig with a fresh installation of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (service pack 1) installed together with all the latest relevant drivers and software. No additional screen calibration software was used, all of the default modes were tested and then the screen was calibrated by hand and eye to the best of my ability.

To help in the evaluation of the monitor we will also be using the XFX AMD Radeon R9 290X DD Black Edition.

During the review I used the following Benchmarks and Games to help in the evaluation of the monitor.



Hardware Performance


The AOC G2770PQU was plugged into the test rig via the DisplayPort, purely to allow us to use the screens key 144Hz feature. With the power on I gave the screen a quick check for any odd pixels (which it passed without any issues at all). With an entirely black background there was no noticeable backlight bleed, whilst switching to white and a few basic colours the uniformity looked pretty good too. Being a TN panel it certainly doesn’t match the viewing flexibility of any IPS, SPLS or MVA screens out there, but surprisingly the viewing angles weren’t bad either. The on screen image is pin sharp, but I found it a little lifeless, which was easily remedied with a little playing around with the control panel and by switching DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) on.

So now the screen is all set, looks good and I’m all set up for Gaming, we best get some tests in! (this could take a while 😉 )


AOC G2770PQU - on


Throughout each Gaming test the G2770PQU performed well, but the stand out performances were in Titanfall, Grid: Autosport and Warface. With Titanfall having its settings maxed out, the XFX R9 290X DD Black Edition plays like silk even during dizzying close combat, but it doesn’t produce enough FPS (86 FPS) to really test the 144Hz screen. It’s a similar story in Grid, although it feels incredibly responsive courtesy of the 1ms response time. In Warface the monitor really shows what it can do, with frame rates regularly above 150 the frantic and fast paced shooter suddenly feels very different and the Gameplay feels more natural and somehow the graphics look cleaner.

AOC have also included the same built in 2 x 2W speakers used in the Q2770PQU, which produce sound but won’t make you want to ditch your headset or external speakers any time soon.


Final Thoughts


I always look forward to seeing products from AOC, every screen I’ve seen before has always left me walking away impressed, but can the AOC G2770PQU do the same?

The G2770PQU arrived at pcG in the familiar AOC branded box, within which was hidden a suitably protected 27″ Gaming monitor and a plethora of accessories.

The monitor is assembled with ease courtesy of a thumb screw fixed base plate and pre-fitted arm. Both combined, create what I believe to be the best monitor stand available. The panel itself features the same aggressive, but good matte anti-glare coating allowing for easy viewing in all bar the harshest of light. The monitor bevel while not looking spectacular does have a rather nice brushed metal effect, then over on the back an interesting fabric texture. I’ve seen the styling before with the AOC Q2770PQU, liked it back then and still do now.

Of more importance is the screen itself and for a 1920 x 1080 screen it doesn’t disappoint. Out of the box the panel is pin sharp and then with a little tweaking becomes vivid and lively.

Where it really comes to life is within fast paced games, especially twitch shooters where you can instantly take advantage of the 1ms response time and the buttery smooth 144Hz screen.

The 27″ monitor market is becoming increasingly more competitive and for anyone demanding a fast Gaming monitor the AOC G2770PQU is certainly worthy of your consideration. Despite liking it quite a lot, I personally find it hard to recommend when for more or less the same £320 asking price you can pick up a more detailed WQHD 2560 x 1440 panel. Or perhaps for just a little more go for a screen featuring Nvidia G-Sync!? Of course this only applies to Nvidia card owners, but if the rumours are true, we’re also only a few months away from the first FreeSync monitors. Then alternatively you could go for a less Gamer orientated screen like the AOC M2870VQ which is an inch bigger and nearly half the price!



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Where possible we always use Amazon’s price for Value…
  Design/Quality pcGameware awards the AOC G2770PQU a Silver


Many thanks to AOC for providing this sample for review


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