Caseking acquires GlobalData

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Caseking announcement: GlobalData, the go-to shop for Portuguese gamers and hardware enthusiasts, is now a member of the Caseking group.

Berlin, 27.02.2017
With the arrival of GlobalData, the go-to shop for gamers and hardware enthusiasts in Portugal, Caseking is pleased to welcome a new member to the Caseking Group. Together and with an expanding team, we are looking forward to an exciting and innovative future. This expansion in the European market represents yet another significant boost to the growth strategy of the Caseking Group, and lays the foundations for an ongoing expansion of the product portfolio. Welcome to the club, GlobalData!



GlobalData was founded in the year 2000 and has since undergone a remarkable and impressive period of growth. Today, GlobalData is one of the most important contact points in the Portuguese market with two sites including shops in the metropolis Porto as well as the capital Lisbon. The 23 people strong team offers a winning combination of expertise, an extensive product range, and excellent customer service. For these reasons, GlobalData is a perfect fit for the already well-established Caseking Group.

As a hardware supplier, GlobalData operates across the entire supply chain and maintains close partnerships with product manufacturers themselves. This privileged position enables the company to pass on valuable customer feedback and foster customer loyalty, while advancing target-oriented development and new product designs.

As a thoroughly European organisation, it’s the Caseking Group’s goal to effectively utilise arising and existing synergies to expand the product portfolios of the individual businesses in the group, while simultaneously working to strengthen their respective market positions.
“The incorporation of GlobalData into the Caseking Group represents an investment in a forward-looking and well-coordinated business, one which has demonstrated a high degree of market prominence and potential for growth. Caseking is looking forward to cooperating with GlobalData’s workforce in the hardware retail trade and taking the brand to the next level.”
– Toni Sonn, CEO Caseking Group
Caseking is a leading European distributor of exclusive top brands and a renowned online-retailer for unique and extravagant computer hardware and accessories, founded in 2003 and continuously growing. Headquartered in Berlin, Caseking’s base of operation is a vast modern logistics centre of 10.000m² storage area in the Charlottenburg district. As the name Caseking suggests, a plethora of the eponymous PC enclosures in varying forms and fashions play a central role in Caseking’s product range, which is supplemented by a large array of modding items for individualisation purposes, pre-overclocked systems, powerful watercooling components, a wide range of general cutting-edge computer hardware along with top-grade gaming peripherals and accessories.

The Caseking Group consists of along with its subsidiaries (UK), (Hungary) and (Portugal) and maintains contact offices in France, The Netherlands and Taiwan.

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NZXT Noctis 450 stands with the Republic of Gamers

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Special Edition Noctis 450 provides exclusive features and aesthetics supporting high-end gaming systems


Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2017 – NZXT announces today the Noctis 450 ROG, a Special Edition case aimed at dedicated PC Gamers. This ATX mid-tower case is ROG-certified, displays an exclusive Gun Gray finish and features Aura Sync RGB-lighting technology.

“The original Noctis 450 highlighted NZXT’s return to bold and daring designs. As we joined forces with Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a dedicated case for high-end gaming systems, it felt like the perfect tailored fit to build a Special Edition case. With exclusive aesthetics, ROG certification and Aura sync compatibility leading to new features, Noctis 450 ROG focuses on users aiming at building powerful systems that leverages the Republic of Gamers ecosystem,“ says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO.*

“The Republic of Gamers (ROG) initiative guarantees that you have the best possible gaming experiences, always. So, we work closely with trusted partner companies to verify, test and certify products that fit perfectly with ROG motherboard. ROG certification is based on extensive testing and validation by ROG engineers, and only the very best succeed to become ROG Certified. We’re happy to launch the Noctis 450 ROG together with NZXT, as both teams share the same ambition to make PC gaming the ultimate premium experience” says Kris Huang, Senior Director at ASUS.

Noctis 450 ROG main features:
ROG-certification guarantees premium compatibility and quality
Aura sync allows simple yet sophisticated lighting effects synchronization through Aura certified motherboards, driving the case’s power LED, underglow, PSU shroud and 2 internal LED strips
Exclusive Gun Gray finish

Republic of Gamers (ROG)
The result of rigorous trials, ROG-certification means unquestioned compatibility and quality. Noctis 450 ROG is compatible with Aura sync to enable synchronized lighting effects, with no less than 9 different lighting modes, by connecting the case with Aura certified motherboards through a dedicated connector. It powers two internal LED strips, the case’s power LED, underglow and PSU shroud. For motherboards which are not Aura certified, a 4-pin adapter is included allowing to turn all internal and external LEDs red.

Stunning design, inside and out
With elegant, curved lines, the Noctis 450 beautifies gaming rigs with a sophisticated design. The chassis is designed to house all the hardware enthusiast PC gamers may need, including multi-graphic card support and SSD mounts.

Cooling optimized for long battles
The Noctis 450 ROG massive ventilation surfaces, fully-filtered front and PSU air intakes and four included fans, enable extreme cooling that very demanding gaming systems need. The front and top panels feature mounting points for radiators up to 360mm, ready for push/pull configurations and support the latest Kraken AIO liquid coolers.

Effortless cable management
With 80% more cable management space than competing mid tower cases, the Noctis 450 ROG ensures a hassle-free build, empowering users to become experts on sleek cable management, transforming PC building into and easy and enjoyable experience.

Noise control
An integrated 8-port PWM fan converts the motherboard’s PWM signals into voltage regulation for the Noctis 450 ROG case fans, keeping the system cool and silent under low load.

EU – Mid February

UK – £179.99 inc VAT
EU – 179,90 €

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Racing in virtual reality could lead you to drive real sports cars on the Bedford Autodrome Circuit

November 16th, 2016 No comments



Pioneering the world’s most powerful gaming PCs and pushing the boundaries of unstoppable performance. The Overclockers UK Racing Series is the first Virtual Reality competition which climaxes with a real life, high-speed driving experience at the Bedford Autodrome Circuit.

Strap your seatbelts as participants rev their engines, shift their gears and put their racing skills to the test while immersed in the virtual environment like never before. This all-new year-long event will introduce people to the best of what virtual reality has to offer. The first set of qualifying rounds will be held at Overclockers UK HQ in our dedicated and purpose-built VR room throughout the duration of the year. Participants who advance to the next rounds are in for a real treat!

htc-vive-racing-1 htc-vive-racing-3 htc-vive-racing-2

Not only will the event take place in virtual reality, winners of the first qualifying rounds will be provided with the opportunity to experience the drive of a lifetime in fast sports cars around Bedford Autodrome Circuit!




Partnered with Intel and XFX, and taking advantage of the best in-class VR headsets, Overclockers UK will be utilizing the experience of the HTC Vive – powered by the highest performing gaming PCs on the planet! Along with motion-based platforms that reflect every skid, crash, swerve and drift – the lines between real-world motorsports and virtual racing will forever be blurred, leaving pixels in the dust!

Simulation-based physics, an authentic handling model, tweakable parameters correlating to the vehicle transmission, tyre pressure and aerodynamics – developed by Slightly Mad Studios and highly praised as 2015’s No.1 motorsports simulator – Project Cars is the only game that’s able to provide the necessary level of graphical detail and highly-defined realism that’s capable of delivering such an intense experience within the virtual world.


Racing off the sidelines and taking it to the tarmac, those who prove themselves within the simulated environment will be provided with an adrenaline-fuelled experience, where they will compete at the world’s greatest driving event. Combined with 25 years of evolution and engineering excellence PalmerSport will be providing all competitors with the opportunity to drive the The JP L-M, Formula 3000, Caterham pursuit, BMW M4, and the ultimate innovation in driving excellence – the Ariel Atom.

Making it’s way to the track on the 3rd of December, those who deem themselves worthy of the clutch and wish to prove their skills for the starting season – qualifying rounds will be held at the Overclockers UK VR Showroom. While the day will open to everyone of all ages to race and compete – proving who’s the leader of the pack, leaving their friends in the dust as they retire to the pits – restrictions do apply for those who are looking to enter the competition.


Cars require fuel and so do our racers. Treating our entrants to the same hospitality that all professional racers are accustomed to, Overclockers UK will be providing a full catering service to all competitors that make it to the advanced qualifying rounds for each event that takes place at Bedford Autodrome.

Ready to put the pedal to the metal? Or will you be watching from the sidelines? Competition entry is completely free!​ So fasten your seatbelts and start your engines!




*Qualifying Period 1 / Real World Racing Round 1

Date: ​October – December

​OcUK VR Showroom followed by Bedford Autodrome (PalmerSport)

*Qualifying Period 2 / Real World Racing Round 2

Date: ​January – March

Venue: ​OcUK VR Showroom followed by Bedford Autodrome (PalmerSport)

*Qualifying Period 3 / Real World Racing Round 3

Date: ​April – June

Venue: ​ OcUK VR Showroom followed by Bedford Autodrome (PalmerSport)

OcUK Racing Championship – Grande Finale – Real World Racing

Date: ​July 2017

Venue: ​Bedford Autodrome (PalmerSport)


THE T&C’s:

Competitors must be over the age of 21 and have held a full UK driver’s license for a

minimum of 1 year. Weight and height restrictions apply – competitors must be under 18

Stone (115 KG), and between 5′ – 6′ 4″ (153 cm – 193 cm) due to vehicle restrictions.


Overclockers UK​ (Entrants)

5 Lymedale Cross,


Staffordshire, ST5 9BT

PalmerSport ​– Bedford Autodrome​ (Qualifying Contestants)

PalmerSport, Bedford Autodrome,

Thurleigh Airfield Business Park,

Thurleigh, Bedford, MK44 2YP

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New NZXT Kraken Models

October 19th, 2016 No comments


NZXT White Logo Los Angeles, CA – October 18, 2016 – NZXT today announces the latest evolution in its renowned Kraken series, featuring the most advanced controls included in an all-in-one liquid cooler. With the debut of the Kraken X52, and the upgraded Kraken X42 and X62, everything, including the pump, radiator and fans have been designed and engineered to deliver cooling performance that is second to none.




“The launch of the Kraken X52 allows us to provide optimal cooling performance to builders in a 240mm form factor,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “With the all-new Kraken series, we’ve improved upon the previous generation in many ways. Incorporating HUE+ lighting and NZXT’s new digital control interface allows unprecedented customization to be delivered. The pump has been redesigned to bring quieter operations with improved performance.”


All-new Kraken Series features:

  • Redesigned quieter pump: Embrace the silence
  • CAM Powered Pump and Fan Speed Controls: Full control to cool your way
  • All-new Aer P Fans: Built for cooling perfection
  • Reinforced Tubing: Nylon enhanced for added protection
  • Advanced RGB Lighting Effects: Informative and fun
  • Industry Leading 6-year Warranty


Master Your Control and Light Your Way with CAM 3.2

Through CAM’s intuitive design and full software integration, the new Kraken features the most refined and sophisticated controls ever for an all-in-one liquid cooler. Thanks to tailor-made firmware control, independent regulation of pump performance and tuning for the fans allows for exceptional cooling and unmatched customization when aiming for the ultimate system performance. All firmware upgrades are handled through CAM allowing users to benefit from additional options (settings, lighting modes, etc.) in the future.

krakenx62_front_front_red krakenx52-main

In addition to improved cooling performance, the Kraken’s pump heightens its presence with beautiful lighting effects that utilize the full RGB spectrum. Numerous customizable presets and reactive modes, including Spectrum Wave, Loading, and Exchange can respond to temperature and audio output conditions to inform users of system changes. Separate channels allow detailed lighting control of both the pump’s ring and NZXT logo for countless combinations.


CAM 3.2 will be available for download soon and feature numerous updates including HUE+ lighting sync, support for Aer RGB, and Game mode for CS:GO lighting integration.



Liquid-Cooled Perfection with New Aer P Fans


aer-140_all-scatter-2-2000x2000 Alongside the new Kraken series, NZXT is debuting the Aer P series of high static pressure fans. Chamfered intake and exhaust, winglet designed fan blades and fluid dynamic bearings provide the silence, durability and cooling performance that leverages the Kraken’s superior pump, water block and tubing performance to deliver a truly premium cooling experience. Available in 120mm, (included with the Kraken X52) and 140mm (included with Kraken X42 and X62) the Aer P fans feature sleeved cables to keep PC builds clean and vibration dampeners on each mounting point to minimize case noise. Three colored trim choices are available and sold separately to color coordinate your build. Choose from blue, red or white.


Reinforced Extended Tubing

Improving upon the already durable design of the Kraken series, the all-new Kraken comes pumped up with reinforced nylon sleeves for added strength that does not compromise flexibility. The enhanced durability of the nylon sleeving further protects the Kraken cooler tubes from potential harm during installation.


MSRP Pricing:

Kraken X42 – £109.99 inc VAT

Kraken X52 – £129.99 inc VAT

Kraken X62 – £139.99 inc VAT



EU –  Early November

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NZXT Launches S340 Elite and Internal USB Hub

September 28th, 2016 No comments
NZXT White Logo NZXT today announces the S340 Elite, the most refined and elegant S340, that expands upon the mid-tower’s renowned durability and improves PC gaming usability with added connectivity. The S340 Elite features a tempered glass side panel to showcase builds with breathtaking clarity, an optimized IO panel with an HDMI port and additional USB ports for convenient VR experiences, and a magnetic cable management puck to easily store VR and audio headsets for fast and flexible access.


“The crisp, tempered glass of the S340 Elite allows PC users to present their builds with a level of clarity that is unprecedented for an NZXT chassis,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. We’ve always championed the idea that building truly beautiful PC’s should be easy for anyone and the S340 Elite makes this even simpler.”

S340 Elite main features:

  • Tempered-glass side-panel: showcase your build
  • VR cable management puck: move freely & clean cables
  • Front VR accessibility: plugging your VR headset is easy & convenient
  • Interior cable management clamps: easy cable management
  • Additional SSD tray: increase storage options

Giant Tempered Glass Window
The S340 Elite’s 4mm thick tempered glass panel makes building in NZXT’s popular mid-tower chassis even more rewarding. Crisp in clarity, the new tempered glass panel enhances the award-winning all-steel construction design of the S340 by highlighting all builds with uncompromised beauty.

Enhanced with Virtual Reality Gaming
Getting VR up and running with the S340 Elite is a snap with the HDMI and USB-port connectivity readily available from the top panel. The innovative magnetic cable management puck allows users to wind up VR and audio headset cables with ease, or split the puck apart for longer cable coverage.

The Cleanest Mid-Tower Interior
The S340 features an open-interior design with a steel cable management bar that splits the front intake from the rest of the case. A new clamping system has been added behind the cable management bar and along the rear, enabling users to achieve a clean and hassle-free build with minimal efforts.

No Corner Left Untouched
Fully-filtered intakes, steel-plated audio jacks, captive thumb screws, and cable management solutions are just a few of the design features that keeps every build looking sleek inside a compact chassis.

Water Cooling Ready
There’s no sacrificing performance with this small mid-tower case that boasts full compatibility with NZXT’s entire line of Kraken Series liquid coolers.

MSRP Pricing: S340 Elite – £89.99 INC VAT
Available Colors: Matte White , Matte Black, Matte Black + Red
Availability: Available now




NEW launch – NZXT Introduces New Internal USB Hub
NZXT also launches another new product, featuring a compact design with a magnetic body, the Internal USB Hub can be tucked away and out of sight. Included cable management straps provide the means to keep every build clean and organized. Furthermore, a dedicated Molex power cable ensures that sufficient power is delivered to all connected devices.

Internal USB Hub main features:
Expands 5 USB 2.0 ports: 3 internal and 2 external connectors.
Sleek and multifunctional design works with any build.
Magnetic body quickly affixes to any metallic surface.
Molex connection provides additional power via PC’s power supply.
Plug and play— no drivers needed.

MSRP Pricing: Internal USB Hub – £17.99 INC VAT
Availability: Available now



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Overclockers UK has the largest range of NVIDIA GTX 1060s available!

July 19th, 2016 No comments


Overclockers UK has the largest range of NVIDIA 10 Series graphics in the world, and have now expanded it even further with the addition of the new GTX 1060 graphics card (click image below to learn more).

With graphics card from the likes of EVGA, Zotac and KFA2 starting from as little as £239.99, with free next day shipping, the GTX 1060 is sure to be a hit. The pricing on the graphics cards is extremely competitive across the entire range, and Overclockers UK are giving free next day delivery to the UK Mainland across the whole range.

Pre­orders will be fulfilled across all brands over the coming weeks, as Overclockers UK has a large quantity of stock arriving from a range of different manufacturers.

Renowned for their award winning gaming PCs, Overclockers UK are adding the NVIDIA GTX 1060 across the range of gaming PCs as an option allowing customers to order a pre­built PC with the latest graphics card from NVIDIA.

To get the smoothest game play experience from the GTX 1060, Overclockers UK have a great selection of G­Sync monitors that pair up nicely with the GTX 1060 giving you the best performance. Not only does the GTX 1060 give you incredible onscreen performance, the GTX 1060 is also a brilliant graphics card for virtual reality, giving you a smooth and powerful performance at a great price point.

The GTX 1060 will be available from launch in a range of award winning Overclockers UK systems, that can be configured to meet any requirement.

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GAME Unveils eSports Zone

July 8th, 2016 No comments
The first of its kind retail experience launches in partnership with Multiplay and Overclockers UK


GAME, the UK’s leading videogames retailer will open its first ever esports and competitive gaming zone, in the Manchester Trafford Centre.


Game-Trafford-OcUK_54 Game Trafford OcUK_51 Game Trafford OcUK


With a space that boasts 10 Overclockers gaming PCs plus a Virtual Reality (VR) pod for the latest, cutting-edge play, GAME will bring a brand new esports and competitive gaming experience to the Northwest.


Game Trafford OcUK_50 Game Trafford OcUK_37 Game Trafford OcUK_36


The launch demonstrates the potential of the partnership between GAME and Multiplay, bringing together the worlds of esports, competitive gaming and retail to add an entirely new dimension to the line-up of products and services on offer to the gaming community.


Game Trafford OcUK_19 Game Trafford OcUK_15 Game Trafford OcUK_13


GAME will be inviting publisher partners to use the zone to put on community events and promote the latest releases, cementing the retailer’s commitment to its community of gamers.


Game Trafford OcUK_28 Game Trafford OcUK_30 Game Trafford OcUK_27


To celebrate the launch, there will be a host of in-store activities with epic prizes up for grabs, including Insomnia 58 tickets. Gamers can compete in a Rocket League tournament, or take part in ‘retro arcade’ high score challenge to put old school skill to the test.

Fred Prego, Marketing & Insight Director at GAME, said:

“We are enormously excited to be launching our first dedicated, permanent in-store esports and competitive gaming zone, providing a new destination for gamers to come together to watch, play, socialise, discover and shop their favourite games."

“For years, we’ve been dedicated to providing competitive gaming events for local gamers in our stores. Now, with this first of its kind space, we can take this to the next level – allowing us to deliver a regular programme of bespoke local esports competitions and social gaming events across a wide range of esports and other gaming titles, including Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Minecraft."

Craig Fletcher, Founder and CEO at Multiplay said:

“The new space supports the Group’s ambition to become a leading provider of esports in the UK, and we’re excited to announce this first step in a wider strategy to add value to the retail experience at GAME.

“Overclockers, a leader in specialist PC hardware, has been a long-time partner of Multiplay. Together we’re aiming to create the most welcoming and social esports zone around.”

Phil Whitnall, GAME Trafford Store Manager said:

“Manchester has a strong community of gamers so this is a great place to open our first permanent esports and competitive gaming zone. “There’s nothing like it in the area so we’re excited to become the esports destination for gamers.”

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Overclockers UK stocks noblechairs

April 20th, 2016 No comments




New gaming chair brand featuring the world’s first with exquisite real leather covering!


Wednesday 20th April 2016 – Overclockers UK are the number one online retailer for gaming chairs! With a huge range already available they have decided to expand the range even further to include the highest quality of chairs on the market, noblechairs.


GAGC_033_1g GAGC_033_8g


noblechairs presents itself to demanding gamers, enthusiasts, and gaming professionals alike by debuting its remarkable EPIC Series of innovative high-
class gaming chairs solely made of exclusive premium materials.

With a classy yet subtle design, created by a German design team to ensure a timeless look without garish colours. The signature appearance of all of the majestic noblechairs is instantly reminiscent of luxury class cars and belongs to the brand’s most memorable trademarks.


GAGC_034_3g GAGC_034_8g


Furthermore, noblechairs only harness high-precision manufacturing processes for production to those utilised for premium car interiors and performed by reliable automated industrial robots which warrant an invariably immaculate build quality ever close to sheer perfection.

The most striking topic about the new EPIC series are the noblechairs EPIC real leather gaming chairs swathed in a high-quality genuine leather cover never seen before on a gamer seat. These special noble series come in a black-white-red or an all-black version and are a true delectation for splendour enthusiasts who desire for more than just a mere gaming chair. Genuine leather with its intriguing surface texture is both exceedingly durable and supple. It is also easy to clean and possesses superior breathability, which simply renders it the very best raw material available for seating furniture coverings on the planet.


GAGC_037_6g GAGC_037_7g GAGC_037_5g


The real leather chairs are complemented by otherwise identical black-red, black-gold, black-blue and all-black versions fully vested in an extra thick 100% vegan polyurethane (PU) faux leather cover which is perforated in the contact zones for increased breathability. PU offers similar characteristics as genuine leather and due to its outstanding material properties, it has nowadays penetrated all areas of human life and can by default be found in top-of-the-range premium cars of all renowned manufacturers. A unique custom variant of these PU imitation leather chairs especially made for eSports fans is our stunning SK Gaming Edition in black-
white-blue, which is graced by the famous team’s own branding.

All noblechairs’ seating area is embroidered with a diamond pattern stitching, while contrastive coloured seams along with a patch segment with logo embroidery create beautiful counterpoints to the chairs’ main colour. In addition, a subtly debossed logo that crests the headrest is accompanied by an elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering which adorns the backrest. Thanks to such choice vestments and fine design details, these most brilliant specimen of swivel chairs reign supreme amongst the upper echelons of the entire gaming chair market and cater to all connoisseurs of aesthetic design and precious materials.


GAGC_038_9g GAGC_034_9g


The dimensionally stable high-class upholstery of the noblechairs gaming chairs relies exclusively on freshly moulded cold foam with 55% density straight from the factory instead of recycled waste scraps used in many lesser, competing products. Its open-cell cold foam structure delivers optimal breathability, which allows for a pleasant climate regulation and brings along highest comfort as well as increased robustness and longevity. The ergonomic office chairs’ impressive list of features further encompasses softly cushioned 4D armrests made of PU, 360-degree swivel rotation, flexibly adjustable seat height via a safety class 4 gas lift along with an advanced rocking mechanism, which allows for rocking the chairs up to 14 degrees.

The tilt positions can be locked and the tilt tension can be dynamically adjusted. Also the angle between backrest and seating area can be statically adjusted through a side lever. Therefore, each noblechairs gaming chair offers sovereign ergonomics with flexible adjustability. Thanks to a sturdy steel frame mounted on top of a durable five-star-base made of pure aluminium, the chairs can support a maximum weight of up to 180 kg. Five smoothly running 60 mm casters with nylon core and PU coating are attached to the base and equally suited for soft and hard floors. To adequately support the neck area and lumbar region, two removable pillows that allow for ultimate relaxation are included with every noblechairs gamer seat. All noblechairs products abide by the UK Fire Safety Regulations for Furniture and Furnishings (BS 5852) and therefore feature a fire-retardant layer that has been applied to the surface material to minimise fire hazards.


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OcUK – Nitro Concepts’ C80 Carbon Class gaming chairs!

April 15th, 2016 2 comments

Wednesday 15th April 2016

Overclockers UK stocks Nitro Concepts’ debut C80 Carbon Class gaming chairs!

Overclockers UK lists the very first range of Carbon Class gaming chairs from Nitro Concepts. The C80 Comfort, C80 Motion, and C80 Pure.

GAGC_017_2g GAGC_001_1g

These are new gaming chairs, which combine high comfort with the neat aesthetics of racing car seats. Every Nitro Concepts gaming chair offers superb ergonomics with optimal adjustability and is ideally suited for gamers!

Every gamer, be it professional or not, spends hours sitting in front of his PC and requires an adequate seating accommodation in order to keep a healthy sitting posture and to achieve optimal results while playing. The Carbon Class C80 gaming chairs by Nitro Concepts are thus specifically catered to gamers and fit their needs perfectly. They are available in Black with a variety of accents, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, White or Green.

The C80’s are equipped with a sturdy steel frame mounted on top of a five-star-base made of nylon that features five smoothly running 50 mm casters. Further features encompass the 360-degree swivel rotation, the flexibly adjustable seat height via a safety class 4 gas lift along with the comfortable rocking mechanism, which allows for rocking the chairs up to 15 degrees.


GAGC_003_14g GAGC_009_6g


The C80 gaming chairs’ are complemented by a breathable PU imitation leather cover with coloured accents and a PVC covering with a carbon look on the back side, while the softly cushioned armrests are also covered by high-grade PU faux leather. The entire cover has been made in accordance with strict quality guidelines, is cleanly sewn and checked, so that each single chair can fulfil our quality requirements. The thick upholstery is uniformly made from precision-moulded cold foam, which is manufactured while adhering to industrial standards to ensure outstanding quality and excellent workmanship.


The C80 Comfort series possesses an extra thick moulded cold foam upholstery that provides improved longevity and stability. The C80 Motion series distinguishes itself through extra high comfort thanks to an increased amount of space and folding armrests (90 degrees). The C80 Pure series features even further improved breathability thanks to its perforated seating surface cover. With great love for detail and utmost dedication, we have created unique gaming chairs that equally satisfy the demanding expectations of gamers and requirements for an office chair.

Product Link:

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OCUK and the HTC Vive VR Experience

April 12th, 2016 No comments

A week or so ago I made the long trip up to Newcastle under Lyme, home of Overclockers UK. I was there not only to meet up with OCUK’s PR Manager Steven Levitt and the 70+ team that now occupies a massive building and warehouse, but also to check out the HTC Vive. As you may or may not know you can book your own VR experience at OCUK here and let me tell you, from anywhere in UK, the trip will be worth it!

Before I talk about the HTC Vive and the VR Experience, I’d first like to thank all of the guys and girls at OCUK for making me welcome and making me feel like one of the team while I was there. Thank you. 🙂




After a quick tour of the massive warehouse it was time for the main event and that was for me to enter the dark world of VR, courtesy of OCUK’s VR room and the HTC Vive. With the headset on and in position and after being handed the two controllers, that at first look like and feel like no other controller that I’m used to it was time to go! But go where?

Within a second or two I was somewhere new, in fact I now found myself stood alone, in the night with a bag and a sleeping bag at my feet. And, Zombies were coming, looking down at my hands (that are actually grasping the two weird controllers) I find that my right hand is holding a pistol and the other a torch. I can now see a zombie approaching in the distance and I’m not looking forward to this, especially as I’m being watched…

Shooting and using the torch almost immediately becomes second nature (even though I’m holding neither), this is VR don’t forget! 😉 After shooting one zombie after another it starts top get a little frantic and at 24 secs in (see video) I scream like a girl as a zombie face appears right in front of me as I swing around. Now this is impressive…



Next I found myself on the deck of a sunken ship courtesy of theBlu. Looking up allowed me to see the surface above with the light flickering through the water, above me were countless fish and a large manta ray was passing over head. It was at this point, some 1min into the The Blu demo that I was already knowing (not thinking) that I wanted one, despite the £700 cost! I then tried moving, yes that’s right walking around! I moved to the edge of the bow of the ship and almost suffered from vertigo as a looked into the deep below. To say that this is impressive and immersive would probably be the biggest understatement of my life. Walk too far though and thanks to the monitors up in the corners of the room a blue grid wall is projected into your VR world allowing you to know that you’re approaching a physical wall in the real world. It sounds weird and sounds as though it would ruin the immersion. But, in fact it works incredibly well with very little loss in immersion at all.

Next up was a painting program (Tilt Brush) that allowed me to paint in free space, but as I’m no artist (well not that sort of artist) it was all a little wasted on me! The brush/palette selection tool though was particularly impressive as it was totally in 3D. Job Simulator was also a great laugh allowing me to interact in a fun way with a makeshift office. Eating doughnuts was my favourite pastime as watching the crumbs fall to my feet was most amusing, especially as there’s no doughnut at all! 😉 After printing my hand via the photocopier and then being encouraged to print my head (I must of looked so stupid) it was time to move on…

One of the last demos that I took a look at was Space Pirate Trainer and this saw me stood on a space station platform out in space with incoming (what appeared to be) droids/drones. Looking down at my hands and this time I have a pistol in my right hand and a shield (see through plasma like shield) in the other hand. The battle then commenced and it was by this time I was beginning to feel more at home and feel more comfortable with the controls. Reaching over my right shoulder allowed me to swap weapons from a pistol to a automatic weapon, very clever stuff…

Trying to sum up my experience last year with an Oculus Rift was difficult, but summing up my experience with the HTC Vive in OCUK’s VR room is almost impossible. But I’m going to try, the best I can.

First off it all worked and it all worked well, there were no issues with the display, no issues with the controller and no issues with the monitors that sense your position within the room. With the headset on and once you’ve been transported from the real world to the VR world, it’s amazing how real it all seems to be. Ok, so the resolution is a little poor (but it didn’t put me off), my brain just seemed to accept the fact that I was now (seemingly) somewhere else and that now I had an gun and a torch or a shield! Also I felt no signs of nausea, apart from just feeling a little off balance when I looked over the bow of the ship. Everything just felt so natural to me in Game and my brain/body seemed to accept this new VR world without hesitation. Now maybe that’s because my brains a bit warped or maybe it’s just because the experience is simply so believable…


Summing up: The HTC Vive does indeed provide an experience like nothing else you’ve ever tried (including the Oculus Rift!) and it is a technology to watch out for over the coming months. And, if you don’t believe me why not take the trip to OCUK and try it out for yourself, Just be prepared that it may cost you… 😉

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