G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit Review
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G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit Review

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Now here’s a name we here at pcG haven’t seen for a while, in fact our last review from G.Skill was waaaay back in July 2011 for the rather good RipjawsX (I even had 16GB of these myself!). So when I was offered the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit (F3-2400C11D-8GSR) for review was I going to turn it down? Not a chance in hell! Welcome back G.Skill. 🙂


G.Skill Logo

Fragtastic! Treat your system to some sexy sticks that match your PC Gaming style!
G.Skill Sniper memory kit represents a completely unique desktop memory design, aimed specifically at PC Gamers and modding enthusiasts. The unique gun styled heatspreader complements the modern thought of building the most stylish Gaming machine possible, while also maintaining the best in-class cooling and reliability. All G.Skill Sniper Gaming memory kits have passed extensive compatibility tests on a wide range of Intel and AMD platforms and deliver the best performance, quality and reliability for your PC Gaming needs.’


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Box Front G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Box Back


The G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory arrived inside a clear plastic wallet, with a cardboard slip inside. Technically all of the writings on the cardboard slip, but for arguments sake I’ll still call it the box front. To be fair despite being bright and colourful, there isn’t really a lot to see on the box front. We have the usual G.Skill logo, Sniper brand, compatibility list and that’s pretty much it. Of course being a clear plastic wallet, it also shows of the DIMMs in all there glory. It still looks pretty cool though.

On the back there’s a little spiel about the Sniper, the kit product code, box contents and some contact details for G.Skill (It also shows my lack of technical skill with a duster…….).


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Unpacking


Upon opening the clear plastic blister we gain a closer look at the Sniper, our particular kit is an 8GB(2x4GB) 2400MHz variant.


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Box Contents


There’s very little in the way of contents within the G.Skill Sniper kit, but what more could you need? 😉
We have a shiny red G.Skill case sticker and two 4GB 2400MHz G.Skill Sniper DIMMs.

At the time of writing, the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit from Amazon for £68.22 or from newegg for £51.71 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.



courtesy of G.Skill

Unleash Your Inner Gamer!

G.SKILL Sniper brings out the best in every gaming rig – choosing from 8GB up to 32GB capacity, fully loaded at dual, triple, and quad channels, fragging from 1333Mhz to 2400Mhz frequency. G.SKILL Sniper aims to deliver a customized package under killer specifications.

  • Unique Heat Spreader Design
    Exclusively designed with a Sniper rifle heat spreader, gamers and modding enthusiasts can rest easy at night knowing their gaming rig is well cooled and bragging rights are well protected. Ammo not included.
  • Solid Reliability and Ultra Gaming Performance
    Rigorously tested with our in-house stress testing procedures, you can be rest assured that your gaming rig can handle hour after hour of gaming sessions. Blast your way through kill zones, rack up your frag count, or explore dangerous territories and dungeons… Keep your eyes on the screen, not on the hardware.
  • Intel XMP Support
    All G.SKILL DDR3 memory come with the latest Intel XMP standard developed for Intel platform. It provides PC enthusiasts an entirely trouble free overclocking experience to boost their Intel systems for extreme levels of performance, while retaining system stability.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    All G.SKILL memory products come with a lifetime warranty and the G.SKILL technical team is always ready to provide consumers with complete technical support via online forums, telephone and email.
Series Sniper
Memory Type DDR3
Capacity 8GB (2 x 4GB) Kit
Multi-Channel Kit Dual Channel Kit
Tested Speed 2400MHz
Tested Latency 11-13-13-31-2N
Tested Voltage 1.65v
Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Error Checking Non-ECC
SPD Speed 1600MHz
SPD Voltage 1.50v
Fan lncluded No
height 42 mm / 1.65 inch
Warranty Lifetime
Features Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready

* Additional details available here


First Impressions


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Angled


So out of the box and what’s the first thing you notice about the G.Skill Sniper? The Sniper rifle styled heatspreader! Which does look pretty cool (Sadly I don’t think they’ll give me any edge in an FPS……).


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Front G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Back


I have to admit, I really like G.Skills choice of heat spreader design. It’s unusual and a bold nod to all us Gamers out there. Both front and back of the DIMM show off the really cool Sniper rifle design, with a target site at either end. The heat spreaders themselves are matte black and will suit any almost any rig (especially anyone with any of the slightly older Gigabyte Sniper or a MSI Big Bang motherboards!). As you can see G.Skill have also chosen to go with a matte black PCB and the combination looks all the more impressive for it. On both sides of the DIMMs is also a red, black and white sticker with the G.Skill logo and Sniper model name.

The only noticeable difference on the back is the specifications sticker. This shows the G.Skill holograph of authenticity, model number, DIMM type and speed, CL details and of course the usual ‘warranty void if removed’.


Hardware Installation


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Installed Angled G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - Installed


Installing the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit into our Test Rig was as easy as ever. The DIMMs measure a maximum height of 43mm, whilst the highest parts of the heat spreader (the target sites) are 12mm from the PCB and the shortest part only 7mm. We had no issues with our test cooler the Raijintek Themis, which means you are very unlikely to have issues with other CPU coolers either.


  • Test Rig Setup
Case Cooler Master HAF XB Power Supply Corsair AX760i
Motherboard MSI Z87-G45 GAMING CPU Intel Core i5-4670K
CPU Cooler Raijintek Themis RAM G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory kit
Graphics Card MSI AMD Radeon R9 290 Gaming 4G SSD (mSATA – on-board port) Kingston 60GB mSATA (SMS200S3/60G)


The Test Rig booted first time without a hitch. With the MSI Z87 G45 motherboard left on Auto settings the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit automatically sets its base frequency (1600MHz 11-11-11-28), whilst we’ll also use this in benchmark results for a comparison, we are mainly interested in the XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) for the 2400MHz rated kit (11-13-13-31).


Testing Methodology/Setup


The G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit was tested as part of our normal Test Rig, using Windows 7 64Bit (Service Pack 1) with all relevant Drivers installed. Prime95 (Blend) was used to test stability, whilst Intel XTU for overclocking and the following benchmarks were also used.


Hardware Performance


G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - AIDA64 1600MHz

1600MHz (11-11-11-28-CR1)

G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 2400MHz - AIDA64 2400MHz

2400MHz (11-13-13-31-CR2)


  • AIDA64 Benchmark Results (1866MHz)
  • Memory Read Write Copy Latency
    Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-30 35815 37514 34726 46.8 ns
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 35792 37453 34135 47.6 ns
    Patriot Viper 16GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 35734 37212 34325 48.7 ns
    Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 8GB 2400MHz @ 10-12-12-31 34247 35303 31127 46.7 ns
    HyperX Fury 8GB 1866MHz @ 10-10-10-28 26870 27494 24500 55.8 ns
    Avexir Core 8GB 1600MHz @ 9-9-9-24 23134 23751 21781 58.9 ns


    As you can see from the images above, AIDA64 shows the throughput and latency of the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit and it’s very quick, but not quite as quick as the Kingston HyperX Beast, very close indeed.


  • AIDA64 Benchmark Results (Overclocking Results)
  • Memory Read Write Copy Latency
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 35792 37453 34135 47.6 ns
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB 1600MHz @ 11-11-11-28 24261 24930 22736 67.5 ns
    G.Skill Sniper 4GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 18153 18775 17999 46.8 ns
    G.Skill Sniper 4GB 1600MHz @ 11-11-11-28 12434 12612 12580 59.5 ns


    For comparison sake we also recorded the benchmark results in for the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz kit set at 1600MHz to show the gain in performance when the XMP is set.


  • Gaming Related Benchmarks
  • To give us some idea of the effect the increase in memory speed has on Gaming, the benchmarks below have been run at both 1600MHz and 2400MHz using the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory 2400MHz modules. We actually changed the benchmarks a little in an attempt to look a little deeper into the topic of whether an increase in Memory speed does truly affect FPS to any real degree. Let’s see shall we…

    TEST SYSTEM: MSI Z87 G45/ Intel Core i5-4670K/ MSI R9 290 Gaming 4G (1007MHz Core/5000MHz Memory)

    Memory 3DMark (FireStrike) Batman Arkham Origins Tomb Raider Unigine Heaven Metro Last Light
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 9061 146 78.60 1340 73.00
    G.Skill Sniper 8GB 1600MHz @ 11-11-11-28 8769 146 78.40 1332 72.00
    G.Skill Sniper 4GB 2400MHz @ 11-13-13-31 8934 145 79.50 1325 73.00
    G.Skill Sniper 4GB 1600MHz @ 11-11-11-28 8769 145 78.80 1330 72.00


    The results show that the synthetic benchmark results do show an increase in performance for both the use of both DIMMs and the higher MHz, but do we play benchmarks? Hell no! So checking through the Gaming benchmarks we can see that once again there is no discernable difference in performance.


    Final Thoughts


    The G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit arrived in a very Gamer styled package, which was pretty apt given their Gamer styling. The matte black rifle design heat spreader and matte black PCB not only look unique, but look great and are very high quality.

    Yet not only do they look good, but the G.Skill Sniper whilst not classed as low profile memory, do have a very low PCB to top of heat spreader distance of 7mm giving a total height of 38mm (43mm at the target site ends). This means they are very unlikely to conflict with almost any CPU air cooler available out there.

    Whilst not being quite as quick as our Test Rig RAM, the HyperX Beast throughout the AIDA64 Benchmark, they were only beaten by the narrowest of margins. Of course what we really wanted to know was how the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit fared for Gaming and they certainly don’t disappoint!

    It would seem G.Skill have done it again and released another good looking high performance RAM kit, better still is the pricing. At just under £70.00 they are priced competitively (and that is not just with the 2400MHz kits!) and worth the money, but after a little digging around they can be had for as little as £51.71 newegg and that offers real bang per buck!



    Please Share, Like & Comment below, we really value your thoughts and opinions…

    Where possible we always use Amazon’s price for Value…
      Design/Quality pcGameware awards the G.Skill Sniper 8GB 2400MHz Memory Kit a Gold


    Many thanks to G.Skill for providing this sample for review


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