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Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review

February 25th, 2015 Mike Leave a comment Go to comments



We may now be in the Chinese year of the Goat, but last year where peripherals were concerned (at least in my eyes) it was certainly the year of the Cougar. Why? Well if you really need to ask, you obviously haven’t had the opportunity to try out the rather brilliant Gold award winning Cougar 700M Gaming mouse or the staggeringly good, Platinum award winning Cougar 700K Gaming keyboard. Both of which were easily two of pcG’s favourite stand-out products of 2014. Which if I’m entirely honest, came as a complete shock to the team, because not only were they both fantastic, but also the very first Gaming peripherals released by Cougar?! How they’d managed this we’ve no idea, but it certainly caused a stir of excitement amongst the team when we heard they weren’t to be the only Gaming peripherals to be released! 😉

So here we have the Cougar 600M. A Gaming mouse aimed at the mid-range peripheral market, which features the hugely popular Avago ADNS 9800 high precision laser Gaming sensor with a maximum DPI of 8200, Omron Gaming switches, 32-bit ARM processor, 512KB on-board memory, a 45º angled sniper button, a lightweight design weighing just 90g and your choice of 16.8 million colours for the LED lighting. The 600M also features a rather nice soft touch coating in your choice of two colours. Those being a sleek looking black edition, or the very bold and in your face Cougar orange edition (like our review sample, obviously!).

Let’s take a closer look!


Cougar Logo Large ‘COUGAR 600M has been designed with the clear objective of offering Gamers a mouse that can both provide state-of-the-art technology, all the features necessary to enhance the gaming experience and an aesthetically pleasing design. Its premium components (OMRON switches, ADNS-9800 Sensor, premium quality soft touch surface) guarantee a flawless performance during Gameplay, and its 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB on-board storage provide virtually instantaneous responses and the possibility, without depending on any computer or external device, of keeping up to 3 full configuration profiles stored on board. Aesthetically, this mouse is very stylish and has a unique feature in that the left mouse button is a floating key with a big LED backlight that can display up to 16.8 million colours.’
Cougar 600M - box front Cougar 600M - box back

The front of the Cougar 600M box is of a fairly simple design, predominately being blended shades of grey (possibly even more than 50!), then the subtleness disappears like a punch to the face with some of the brightest orange known to man! In the top left we have the Cougar logo and in the far right a Cougar Germany flag logo. Dead in the centre we have an large angled image of the bright orange 600M hidden inside with the model name and description. Beneath which we have the Cougar UIX System and Cougar Fusion logos, we’re told that this particular 600M is an Orange Edition, then we’re informed of the following features.

  • 8200 DPI – Gaming Sensor
  • 32-Bit ARM – 512KB Memory
  • 8 Buttons – Programmable

Over on the back, we have another rather nice and bold image of the 600M, this time from up above with pointers to many of its key features. Beneath this we have the full 600M feature list, key features in eight other languages, Cougar home address and the slogan ‘Passion X Innovation’.

Cougar 600M - box left Cougar 600M - box right

To the left and on a jet black background, we have a side on image of the 600M, beneath this lies a detailed specifications list (see Specifications/Features below).

While on the right we have five colourful pictograms representing the following key features:

  • 32-Bit ARM Processor – Offer superior computing speed
  • 512KB Memory – Storage up to 3 profiles on the mouse
  • 45º Sniper Button – Provides a quick access, better stability and precise aiming during Game play
  • Multi-Colour Profile Backlight – Choose 1 out of 16.8 million colours and set a unique colour to profile
  • Cougar UIX™ System – integrated software combine Cougar peripherals into one application
  • Cougar Fusion™ – It is a feature that allows Cougar peripherals to interact together


Cougar 600M - door open

Cougar 600M - unboxing


The inner sleeve of the Velcro sealed door is again jet black, a great contrast to the bold orange Gaming mouse image and orange font features. Then to the right within a bright orange frame, we have our first viewing of the Cougar 600M in all its day glow orange glory!


Cougar 600M - contents


Popping open the box reveals the Cougar 600M Gaming mouse to be adequately protected between a thin black plastic tray and the clear plastic window tray. The contents are removed and then listed as follows:

  • Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse (Orange Edition)
  • User Manual
  • Case Stickers


At the time of writing the Cougar 600M (Orange Edition) has very limited availability, but is priced at approximately £40.00 and available for import through eBay resellers.



courtesy of Cougar


Product name

COUGAR 600M gaming mouse


Laser gaming sensor


8200 DPI


32-bit ARM Cortex-M0

Game type


Polling rate

1000Hz / 1ms

On-board memory




Programmable buttons



OMRON gaming switch

Profile LED backlight

16.8 million colors

Frame rate

12000 FPS

Maximum tracking speed

150 IPS

Maximum acceleration



Golden-plated USB plug

Cable length

1.8m Braided


125(L) x 80(W) x 42(H) mm
4.92(L) x 3.15(W) x1.65(H) inch




* Additional details available here


First Impressions


Cougar 600M - angled front Cougar 600M - angled rear


Wow… The Orange Edition version of the Cougar 600M could not be more orange if it were in fact an orange! This thing is bold, bright and a rather refreshing change from the usual blacks and shades of grey that I’ve seen in most Gaming Mice recently and I have to admit on looks alone, I love it! Sadly you should never judge a book by its cover (or so I’m told), so lets get it under the microscope (figuratively speaking).


Cougar 600M - right Cougar 600M - left


From the right there isn’t really anything noteworthy, other than it’s bright orange of course.

The left side the Cougar 600M features a total of three glossy black buttons. Two well placed and larger than average shoulder buttons, then on the lower half we have a large sniper button. This is a little different to most I’ve seen in the past as it sits at a 45º degree angle to the mouse body, while there are plenty of Gaming mice available on the market today, very few of them have a sniper button that seems to be so well placed.


Cougar 600M - front Cougar 600M - back


The front of the Cougar 600M shows the mouse is comprised of three main sections. We have the black inverted ‘T’ area of the main chassis, the right click, scroll wheel and DPI selectors on the right section (or left in picture), followed by the left click, shoulder and sniper buttons, braided cable and LED lighting on the left section (right in picture). The off centre scroll wheel is nicely placed for use with either fore or index finger, feels very solid, but does seem a little stiff when scrolling.

The back of the 600M doesn’t really show us a lot, but it does show off its ergonomic design quite clearly. This particular image also shows how much of a nice contrast the bright orange soft touch and glossy black spine offers.


Cougar 600M - bottom Cougar 600M - top


Beneath the Cougar 600M again shows off its ergonomic design. Around the outside and following the 600M’s shape, we have four slippery Teflon slides, then in the dead centre the ever popular Avago ADNS 9800 laser Gaming sensor. The central section of the base is of a textured matte black as is the specifications sticker. Despite how the sticker appears, the serial number part is in fact silver and not white, while all the orange fonts are actually metallic orange. You are unlikely to ever see this sticker when in use, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

From the top we can again see the 600M’s ergonomic shape and if anything I’d say the bright orange soft touch only accentuates this. Just behind the scroll wheel we have two glossy black buttons for DPI selection, of which each mouse profile gives you a selection of four DPI settings ranging from 50 to 8200 DPI rising in 50 DPI increments. These are shown on the LED indicator to the left which illuminates orange increasingly to indicate your choice of DPI. Then towards the back of the mouse we have the Cougar logo and name in matte black.

Measuring across the Cougar 600M’s surface shows it measures 125mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 42(H), while the scales tell us the Gaming mouse is rather light at 90g. Overall I’m very impressed by the high build quality, design and feel of the 600M in hand. Let’s see how it performs…


Hardware Installation


Cougar 600M - USB cable The Cougar 600M Gaming mouse features a gold plated USB plug with the Cougar name moulded into it. The offset cable is 1.8m in length and very nicely braided, but surprisingly stiff. Installation is very easy, simply plug in the 600M into an available USB port and as the mouse is plug and play, it’ll pretty much work straight away. To take full advantage of the Cougar 600M’s features, you will also need to download and install the Cougar UIX System application (available here).


Testing Methodology/Setup


The Cougar 600M Gaming mouse was tested using our Test Rig, a fresh installation of Windows Professional 64bit (service pack 1) was performed prior to testing. The Cougar 600M is plug and play, so there is no need for a further software download, but to gain the benefit of all its features you’ll be wanting to install the software suite (available to download here).


The following games were used during testing:


Hardware Performance


Despite initial impressions of the Cougar 600M being rather nice under hand, in practice it does take a little while to get used to. This is because the tallest point of the mouse is only 42mm high and the design isn’t actually as ergonomically designed for right handed Gamers as it first appears… The thumb rest with its sniper button is a lot shallower and nearer to the desk than you’d expect, which means in actual use it feels very similar to a typical ambidextrous Gaming mouse, but with a low profile wing attached to the left. This also means it feels less substantial in hand and if you are a palm grip Gamer (like me), you’ll either be forced to change your grip style or you may want to give the Cougar 600M a miss altogether…

However, if you can alter your grip style (I found a palm/finger grip style to be best), then you’re in for a treat! Although I’d normally use a DPI of 1600/2200 on most Gaming mice, the shift in grip allowed me to run the Cougar 600M’s Avago ADNS 9800 laser Gaming sensor at 3200 DPI, which made a huge difference (ok, perhaps just 1 extra kill in a competitive FPS, but it can make all the difference you know). The tracking is very smooth and precise, with no dodgy acceleration or angle snapping that occasionally crops up in the competition. Combined with the satisfyingly clicky Omron switches and surprisingly stiff, but perfectly balanced shoulder, DPI and perfectly placed sniper buttons, means that you are less likely accidentally depress them at the wrong moment in-Game, makes for one good mouse.

Make no mistake this is certainly a mouse for Gamers and a very good one at that!



    As we’ve seen before, the Cougar UIX System software is surprisingly well polished with plenty of options, looks good and certainly a lot better than you’d expect for a company who are still new to Gaming peripherals (in fact some more established brands should sit up and take note).


    Cougar 600M - UIX - Performance Cougar 600M - UIX - Profile Management


    The splash page of the Cougar UIX System software is the Performance page. From here you can select and adjust any one of the pre-set Game profiles via the Mode 1-3 tabs. Each of which allows to to adjust any of the four DPI and sniper settings in increments of 50, from 50 to 8200 DPI (for those out there who really like to fine tune their DPI, you can also adjust your X & Y axis independently). We can then adjust the Polling Rate from your choice of 125, 250, 500 or 1000Hz, turn on Angle Snapping (or not), adjust the Double Click Speed, Scroll Speed (even page per scroll), or finally the Windows Pointer Speed (and mouse acceleration if you must). Once you’ve played around within UIX, you may as well take advantage of the Cougar 600M’s 512KB of on-board memory, by saving your settings within one of the pre-set profiles or customise a new one yourself, then export it to the mouse itself so that you don’t need to worry about setting up the mouse or software next time you’re using your new favourite mouse at your next LAN party (and breathe…).


    Cougar 600M - UIX - Key Assignment Cougar 600M - UIX - Macros Cougar 600M - UIX - Lighting Control


    Hitting the Key Assignment tab allows you to assign basic keystrokes (or clicks), through to advanced functions (DPI selection, Sniper, Mode Switch, Ins.Mode (Instant Mode) KB &/or Mouse Mode Switch, Launch Program or Media Functions), then we have MACRO programming. All of which is very easy to set up and using the Ins.Mode we can switch between all of your custom profiles for all of your favourite Games very quickly and easily. Giving you the lowdown on the Cougar UIX System software is a review in itself, so here’s a link to provide you with all the finer details. The final part of the Cougar software suite, is of course the Lighting Control.


    Cougar 600M - led white Cougar 600M - led red Cougar 600M - led green Cougar 600M - led blue


    Within here we have the option of customising the Cougar 600M LED backlight strip to any one of 16.8 million colours. This is done by your choice of a colour wheel or an RGB Colour Control slider panel (ColourLovers is a great site to provide both RGB and HEX colour codes should you ever need them). In addition to this, the UIX System and Cougar 600M also provide you with three different types of lighting within the Effect Control, these being Breathing, Fully Lighted or Off. It’s nice and easy to use, but there is a small problem, however not with the software itself. Unfortunately the Cougar 600M LED lighting does not have the greatest of colour representation. It isn’t poor by any means, but the white tends to feature a blueish hue whilst some other colours don’t look quite right either. Through its customisation though, you can certainly get some great results.


    Final Thoughts


    Undoubtedly Cougar made a big impact with the phenomenal 700K and 700M last year, certainly enough to show the world they are serious about making high quality Gaming peripherals and make the bigger Gaming brands sit up and take notice. Yet can they keep the ball rolling with the Cougar 600M?

    The Cougar 600M arrived at pcG packaged in a rather subdued and predominately shaded grey box, made to draw your attention to the bright orange model name and Cougar 600M Orange Edition image on the front. Before we even open the box, we were able to gain a sneaky peak at the Gaming mouse hidden within, courtesy of a Velcro fastened door and huge blister of transparent plastic. Once the box was unsealed, we found the 600M be to adequately protected within, with a basic set of box contents.

    Once out of the box, the Cougar 600M shines just as brightly as its bright orange colouring. On build quality alone, this £40.00 Gaming mouse could easily pass for something more expensive. It feels incredibly solid, with no flex or creakiness whatsoever. Whilst the bold orange soft touch plastic coating feels lovely under hand. The oversized shoulder and DPI buttons are very well placed, while the 45º angled sniper button is perfectly placed making it the most easy to use sniper button I’ve found on a Gaming mouse to date.

    The Cougar 600M is one of the smallest (125mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 42(H)) and lightest (90g) ergonomically styled Gaming mice I’ve used, which means it takes a little while to get accustomed to whilst in use (at first I didn’t actually like it at all!). However if you’re able to change your typical mouse grip (in my case a kinda sloppy palm grip), you’ll be rewarded with a Gaming mouse that is not only very comfortable, but performs flawlessly! The 600M’s Omron switches feel satisfyingly clicky, whilst the shoulder, DPI and sniper buttons are perfectly stiff enough to avoid accidental depression in Game, but light enough to do as they (and you) are intended to do. The popular Avago ADNS 9800 laser Gaming sensor used within the Cougar 600M performs as well as ever, with incredible smoothness and precision. The real kicker is that the combination of this brilliant little sensor, the ergonomic design of the Cougar 600M and it forcing you to change your grip style, is it allows you to play with a slightly higher DPI than you’d perhaps normally use. This of course helps to make everything in Game feel more snappy and more accurate, which will also help to improve your Game (or perhaps I’ve been using the wrong grip style all these years?!). My only real worry about the Cougar 600M while in initial use, was what I’d perceive to be an incredibly stiff scroll wheel. Luckily with use it slackens off and wears in well.

    Although the Cougar 600M is a plug and play mouse, to really get the full advantage of all of its features you’ll also need to install the Cougar UIX System software. This not only looks good, but is well laid out, offers plenty of options and is a joy to use. Despite the Lighting Control offering you the choice for any one of 16.8 million colours, courtesy of a colour wheel or RGB code, the actual colour reproduction of the Cougar 600M’s LED lighting is not perfect. This isn’t to say it is bad at all, as with a little playing around you can certainly get some great looking results.

    All in all I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Cougar 600M. Personally I love its bold and bright orange colour and ergonomic design, whilst for me it performed flawlessly (to the point it even helped better my Game!). There’s no doubt in my mind it is certainly worth every penny of the £40.00 (approximately) price tag, but there is one major problem with the Cougar 600M… That being availability. At the time of review I couldn’t find one single major re-seller who stocks the 600M, leaving the only option for you, the end user, to import one… 🙁



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    54214 FBCougar 600M Gaming Mouse


      Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Cougar 600M a Gold


    Many thanks to Cougar for providing this sample for review


    1. david.gohre
      May 10th, 2015 at 05:25 | #1

      Mouse wheel does not work, drivers reinstalled, still do not work. This will be going back to the store. No thanks.

      • James
        May 10th, 2015 at 07:43 | #2

        Shame! I guess you’ve just got a faulty unit, it happens, maybe get a replacement. I’m still using this one from the review, love it… 😉