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Cougar 700M Mouse Review

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Some time ago a certain Gaming mouse caught my eye, it looked different to the Gaming mice we had seen in the past and it looked good too. Well now that mouse is here at pcG, this is the new Cougar 700M. The Cougar 700M is a Gaming mouse (there’s no doubt about that!) based around an aluminium chassis and equipped with a 8200 DPI laser sensor and Omron micro switches. There’s also an on-board 32-Bit Arm processor, eight programmable buttons, a Sniper button and an adjustable palm rest and weight system. This is then all controlled via Cougar’s UIX™ System software.

The Cougar 700M has also been awarded a iF product design award in 2014.


Cougar 700M - box angled


As you can see the Cougar 700M comes beautifully presented in a see through box, allowing you to get a good look at the mouse within.


Cougar 700M - box left Cougar 700M - box right


The left side of the box gives you a breakdown of the 700M’s construction and parts, whilst also informing you of the colour. Why? Because a silver version is also available…

The right side of the box provides Cougar’s take on the 700M.


Cougar 700M - box top Cougar 700M - box bottom


Looking at either end of the box there’s a wealth of information regarding the 700M. Highlights from the top of the box are Aluminium Framing Structure, 8200 DPI Precision Gaming Sensor Technology, Palm Rest High/Low Adjustment (Tool-less) and Interchangeable Palm Rest (Tool-less).

At the other end we have the following features highlighted; Fire Button, 45 degree Sniper Button, Multi-color Profile Backlight, Cougar UIX System and Cougar Fusion.


Cougar 700M - box open Cougar 700M - wallet


Opening the box was kind of difficult, not because of a bad design, but because of an unusual design and due to me being a little thick! The two halves of the box actually pull apart, allowing you to get to the sealed clear case within. In the box there’s effectively another box and here you will find a Cougar wallet, the weights and the additional Sport wrist rest. All of which is nicely presented.

In the wallet there’s a User Manual and some stickers!

At the time of writing the Cougar 700M is retailing for approximately £80 on Amazon and comes with a one year warranty.



courtesy of Cougar

Product name

COUGAR 700M gaming mouse


ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor


8200 DPI


32-bit ARM Cortex-M0

Game type


Polling rate

1000Hz / 1ms

On-board memory



Aluminum / Plastic



Programmable buttons



OMRON gaming switch

Profile LED backlight

16.8 million colors

Frame rate

12000 FPS

Maximum tracking speed

150 IPS

Maximum acceleration



Golden-plated USB plug

Cable length

1.8m Braided


127(L) x 83(W) x 38(H) mm

Weight adjusting

4pcs x 4.5g



* Additional details available here


First Impressions


First impressions are very good, I’m a big fan of companies that design their own products and not just use some form of re-branded product with a few tweaks here and there. So hats of to Cougar, the 700M really is a rather unique Gaming mouse. It does look a little similar to a Cyborg R.A.T., but having used both I can assure you they really are very different beasts.

The 700M feels well made, helped of course by that rigid aluminium construction and further enhanced by the use of Omron switches. There’s an overall feel of quality here and you can tell that someone has really poured a lot of love into the design of this product.


Cougar 700M


  • Top

Looking at the top of the 700M it’s difficult to know where to start. But let’s start with the scroll wheel, with its nice gold surround and rubberized surface; very smooth in operation with well defined click points too. Left and right of this we have to two main buttons supported by Omron micro switches. The left click button also features and additional button on the left, this button is actually well paced and is easy to reach. I can definitely see me using this one. Behind the scroll wheel we have the single DPI switch, this switch simply cycles through the four programmable DPI settings. I rather like this approach as you don’t end up try to specifically find either the DPI Up or Down button in a hurry and inherently end up missing it! Carrying on across the back of the 700M we find the in-built weight system (that black Vee section just behind the DPI button), but we will cover this and the adjustable palm rest a little later.

Cougar 700M - top

  • Front / Back

Looking at the front of the 700M we see the main braided cable (1.8m) attached to the left side of the mouse by a rather funky looking device. I believe it is supposed to look like a muzzle brake for a gun; I kinda like it! 😉 If you look carefully at the image below left, underneath the scroll wheel and back into the body of the mouse you can just about make out the the 16.8 million colour LED. It appears to be naked too! 😮

Taking a look at the back of the Cougar 700M, there’s far less to see (for a change!). What we can see is the thumb screw that allows for the positional adjustment (up/down) of the palm rest.

Cougar 700M - front Cougar 700M - back


  • Sides (left & right)

Working our way down the left side of the 700M we find a large rubberized, honeycomb thumb rest with integrated Sniper button (that’s also fully programmable). I rather like the position of this button too, as again I can reach it with ease and I don’t seem to press by accident either. The two thumb buttons are not as well placed as they could be with the back one being within easy reach, but the front is to far forward for my liking (although I find this to be the case with most Gaming mice). Just behind the thumb button is the main DPI indicator, four LEDs for four possible programmable values. What’s clever here is that the indicators can be seen even when your hand is on the mouse, these indicators on other mice are often in the centre of the mouse and obscured by your finger. Seems like someone at Cougar has really done their homework… 😉

Looking at the right side of the 700M and it looks a little dull (woohoo!), but what we can see looks cool. We can see the rubberized honeycomb surface used again and we can also marvel at its construction.

Cougar 700M - left Cougar 700M - right
  • Underside

Flipping the Cougar 700M over allows us to take another look at its aluminium chassis and the six glides. Centrally mounted we also can see the ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor with its 8200DPI.


Cougar 700M - underside

Hardware Installation


The Cougar 700M is simply connected by way of its single Gold-plated USB plug and its 1.8m braided cable.

Cougar 700M - connection

Testing Methodology/Setup


The Cougar was tested using our Intel Test Rig with a fresh installation of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (service pack 1) installed together with all the latest relevant drivers and software.


Cougar M700 Firmware Update V27 The UIX software (not supplied) can be downloaded here, version 1.07 was used throughout testing. Version V27 of the 700M firmware was aslos installed and used during testing.


One of the first tasks was to decide what Palm rest I wanted to use and set the weight of the mouse. Choosing the Palm rest was easy as the other supplied ‘Sport’ rest was too small for my liking. The palm rest at the rear can also be adjusted up/down by way of the gold screw at the back of the mouse (it’s precariously close the surface, or is that just precision engineering!?). I found that I preferred the palm rest near the top of its travel.

With an out of the box weight of 130g I also opted to add an additional couple of weights to the M700. This brought the overall weight up by an additional 10g. I find that a little extra weight to the mouse helps with lift off distance, which is something I’m rather prone too…


Cougar 700M - rests Cougar-700M-weights


Mouse Surface:

The Cougar 700M was tested using a OcUK Mega-Mega Mat 3XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface.

The following games were used to help in the evaluation of the mouse:


Hardware Performance



Performance wise the Cougar 700M scores well, especially when it comes to FPS style games. Why? Well first lets talk about the performance of the ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor and its associated 8200DPI. While Gaming I found the mouse to feel very similar to a Logitech mouse, what this means is that the mouse feels a little over sensitive at normal Gaming DPI (such as 1600). Therefore the first job was to turn down the DPI a little until I found my sweet-spot; this was found to be around 1400DPI. Tracking was now spot on and in Games like the Survarium (BETA) the 700M proved to be a great mouse for the sharp shooter. In Games like Sims 4 (much slower) the 700M proved to be easy to use and tracked again with great precision. I have also been recently playing the Redux version of Metro 2033 (great update BTW!); the Cougar also fared well here too, especially during the more intense firefights.

But James you haven’t really said why this mouse is so good for FPS. Ok, Ok I coming to that…

The reason is those two additional buttons, the one on the left mouse click and the one on the thumb rest. Both buttons are very accessible and a easy to reach. So many other mice have either too many buttons, or buttons that require you to move your hand on the mouse in an attempt to reach it. Not the case with the Cougar 700M! With my half claw style of grip, the buttons are not only easy to reach, but I also didn’t find myself accidentally pressing them either (result!). What this transpired into was the fact that I could have additional functionality on my mouse (eg Grenade & Melee), meaning these actions were far more usable during play. And that folks means more Kills! 😉


Cougar 700M - connected


I have to say that I also rather like the styling, yes it is all materials, angles and moving parts, but it works! The mouse with its weight system and height adjusting rear palm rest, is very comfortable when Gaming. I also rather like the DPI button; gone is up and down, just a simple button that cycles through the DPI settings. Better due to the fact that it is often all to easy on other mice to hit either up or down where the DPI buttons are so close.



The UIX software (not supplied) can be downloaded here.


The Cougar UIX software is to be honest pretty darn impressive, and I was a little shocked at how well polished it is. Again here we find evidence of a lot of thought and love poured into the software, hats off to Cougar, again!


  • SOFTWARE – (Performance / Profiles)
UIX - Performance UIX - Profiles


The first page the software shows on loading is the Performance page. Here you can customize the four programmable DPI settings and set the DPI setting for the Sniper (Thumb Rest) button. In addition to this there’s the ability to modify Polling Rate, Angle Snapping, Lift Height, Double Click Speed, Scroll Speed and Windows Pointer Speed.

The Profiles page can be accessed by clicking on the Game Profile Management button, this allows you to not only create and edit Profiles, but also assign images and executable files too. The top three ‘Modes’ are effectively shortcuts to your favourite three Profiles.


  • SOFTWARE – (Key Assignment / Lighting Control)
UIX - Key Assignment UIX - Marcos UIX - Lighting Control


The Key Assignment page allows you to do just that, you can assign simple keystrokes or in-built functionality (via Advanced) like DPI control, Sniper button control and even Modes/Profiles. In addition to this Marcos can also be recorded and assigned. Recorded macros can be recorded with real time delays or fixed, even mouse coordinates can be recorded and used!

Finally we come to the Lighting Control, the software works perfectly well for this but the end result is a little, well basic! There’s a single LED just beneath the scroll wheel, the LED can be changed to any of 16.8 million colours (of course it can!?) and assigned at the Profile level. The issue here is not only is the colour a little off (mainly because the LED is not covered in any way, you can look at it directly), but its not really visible enough during the day. Shame really, but personally I don’t really see it as big issue…

During my time with the Cougar UIX software I had no issues at all (after I understood that Modes were just shortcuts that is!), the software has a nice clear UI and is easy to use. All in all a very polished piece of software, the fact that is also integrates with other Cougar products, like their keyboards and even power supplies is surely the icing on the cake.


Final Thoughts


The Cougar 700M is the first product we have ever seen from Cougar and I sure hope it wont be the last. To say that I have enjoyed my time with the 700M would be an understatement. What we have here is a REAL Gaming mouse!

The excitement starts early with a beautifully packaged and displayed product, un-boxing was a real treat. This of course was just the beginning as once in the hand (the mouse that is!) you can really begin to appreciate the time and effort that appears to have been poured into the design of Cougar 700M. The mouse is well made, with its aluminium chassis being the first thing you’ll notice, but take a look over the 700M and check the specs and things really start to look up. 8200 DPI Laser sensor, Omron switches, eight programmable buttons, Sniper button, weight system, adjustable palm rest, braided cable. The Cougar 700M really seems to have it all! But what about the performance…

Performance from the ADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor was faultless, whether in Games like Survarium (fast paced online FPS) or in slower Games like the Sims 4. One thing I did notice (like a lot of Logitech Mouse) is that at its default 1600 DPI Profile the mouse seems surprisingly sensitive. Turning down the DPI (to around 1400 DPI) via the UIX software smoothed this out though. What’s really the best thing about the Cougar 700M though is the overall design (hats off to Cougar for actually having what appears to be an original design too!) and the button placement. Those two additional buttons; the one on the left click and the thumb rest Sniper button are perfectly placed for my claw(ish) grip. Meaning that for the first time I have 5 buttons at my fingertips with no concern that I might accidentally spam another one.

What’s also a little surprising is the software, as the software is all too often forgotten by some manufacturers. Not here, the same love and attention to detail has been applied here also. The UIX software is clear and easy to use and supports the 700M well. I had no issues when using the software at all. One oddity though; is that LED at the front of the mouse. As it can be applied at a Profile level it suggests that to see what Profile you have selected you can just look at the colour of said LED! But you cant really see it! It’s tucked so far back into the body of the mouse, unless you’re in a dark room it’s going to be difficult to tell! It’s no deal breaker though IMHO as you can bind Game executable files to Profiles via the UIX software, it’s just a little, well, weird really! 😉

I have a confession to make, I have fallen for the Cougar 700M! I love the fact that Cougar have really tried to bring their own Gaming mouse to the party and not a clone of someone else’s. Not only have they succeeded in designing their own Gaming mouse, but they’ve done a damn fine job of it too, other manufacturers may need to step up their game I feel…



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Design/Quality pcGameware awards the Cougar 700M a Gold

Many thanks to Cougar for providing this sample for review


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