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OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone System Review

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Back in December last year we took a look at Overclockers Envy Mini S system, the first system that we had seen from the well respected retailer and system builder. The Envy Mini S impressed with its good choice of components, good performance and fair price.

Today I will be taking a look at what could be its bigger brother as it is housed in a larger version of Phanteks EVOLV case, this system has also been themed in line with UBISOFT’s latest title The Division. This then is the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone – Gaming PC for The Division. The PC itself is based around an Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 980Ti.


OCUKLogo ‘The Titan Dark Zone is the result of Overclockers UK and Nvidia coming together to develop a themed gaming PC specifically designed to enable you to play Tom Clancy’s The Division exactly as the developers intended. Capable of high resolutions and ultra detail levels, Dark Zone strikes with precision.’


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - box OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - box open


The system arrived at pcG in a massive box that itself contains another box with the system safely tucked within. As you can see from the image (above right) the system itself is housed and shipped in the Phanteks EVOLV ATX box.


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - inner box OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - inner box open


The important label tapped to the top of the box warns of the internal packaging used that actually goes inside the case and obviously needs to be removed before switching on! On opening the inner box the system was found to be well protected and in good order. In addition to the system Overclockers also provide a Welcome pack to help get you started.


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - packaging


I was impressed with the internal packaging that stops the GPU in particular from moving around in transit. Although it was a little difficult to remove without moving the Graphics Card itself, oh the irony! 😉


At the time of writing the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone can be found here, starting at approximately £1613. As standard it comes with an OcUK Standard System Warranty – 3 Year (24 Month C&R + 12 Month Labour).



courtesy of Overclockers UK


“Titan Dark Zone – Gaming PC For The Division – Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz, GTX 980Ti 6GB”

The U.S. Government collapses after a bio-terrorist viral attack on Black Friday. You and your Strategic Homeland Division are tasked with combatting the threat by the outbreak. Enter the Dark Zone and do whatever is necessary to prevent the fall of society and piece the city of New York back together.


Key Features of this PC


– Overclocked Intel Core series processing power & up to 16GB of DDR4 memory
– Compact Mini ITX Form Factor
– Power Nvidia GeForce Graphics and GeForce Experience Software
– Flexible Specification




Case Phanteks Evolv ATX Windowed Gaming Case – Gun Metal Grey
Power Supply 750W 80+ Gold Rated PSU
CPU Intel Core i7 6700K Quad Core Processor Overclocked to 4.5GHz
Motherboard MSI Z170A SLI PLUS (Socket 1151) ATX Motherboard
Cooler Alpenfohn Brocken 2 CPU Cooler
Memory Up to 32GB 2400MHz DDR4 Quad Channel Kit
Primary Hard Drive Your Choice Of Solid State or Hybrid Solid State Drive
Secondary Hard Drive Your Choice Seagate Hard Drive
Tertiary Hard Drive Your Choice Seagate Hard Drive
Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti Graphics Card
Audio 7.1 High Definition Audio
Optical Drive External Drive Optional
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit

Note – If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 01782 444455 and they will be happy to help.

* Additional details available here


First Impressions


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone


First impressions of the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone System are good thanks mainly down to that Phanteks EVOLV ATX Case here in a metallic silver colour. There’s also some orange Graphics Card and Motherboard power cables that help to add a little bit more of that Division feel! But other than that, that’s it; understated might be the word, but hey we haven’t powered it up yet ok…


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - left OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - open


A nice feature of the Phanteks EVOLV Case is that both left and right panels are secured by clips (no screws) and both hinge backwards to the rear of the case. The panels can then simply be lifted off should you wish to removed them. As you can see the left side of the case features a large window with the main PSU area covered by a large lower shroud complete with Phanteks logo.

Opening the panel allowing us to take a better look within reveals a nice large spacious interior, that’s also devoid of unnecessary cabling. The Motherboard at the heart of this build is in fact an MSI Z170A SLI Plus equipped with an Intel Core i7 6700K and 16GB of Memory/RAM. The CPU has been overclocked by OcUK and is now running at 4.5GHz while the two RAM modules are running at 2400MHz.


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - CPU Cooler OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - GPU OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - GPU (side)


This time around OcUK have opted to cool the Intel Core i7 6700K with an Alpenfohn Brocken 2 CPU Cooler. This is a pretty large air cooler with a single 140mm fan, but not one we have seen here at pcG before, although I’m sure it’s more than up to the task of cooling the overclocked 6700K. Incidentally the 6700K is running all cores at 4.5 GHz at a voltage of 1.3v, from what I can see in the UEFI.

Turning our attention to the Graphics Card we can see that OcUK have equipped this system with an MSI GTX 980Ti although it’s not the normal Gaming Edition which is a shame, it’s the Armor 2X Edition. I say shame as the Armor 2X Edition has a lower Clock Speed compared to the Gaming (1178MHz compared to 1102MHz).

This card is pretty obvious to spot to when in a system thanks to the white fan shroud, compared to the normal MSI Gaming red. It’s quite the looker though (see above right), don’t you think!?


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - PSU OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - HDD OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - SSD


Looking at the Power Supply (hidden with the side panel on) we find an XFX PSU with a rated output of 750W. The PSU also sports a 80+ Gold efficiency rating, which is great as it means that it wont be pulling more Amps than it needs.

The reason for that interior space looking so tidy is that the storage options aboard this Titan Dark Zone PC are hidden around the back. This consists of a Seagate 2TB HDD hidden in the bottom left corner (when looking from the right) that’s almost completely hidden from view due to a plethora of cabling.

Over on the right we find the SSD option, that consists of a single Samsung SSD. This particular model is a Samsung 250GB 850 EVO with Read speeds of 540Mbps and write speeds of 520Mbps respectively. I must admit to thinking there really should be more SSD space as I want my Games on an SSD not an ageing HDD… 😮


OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - right OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - fan controller


Looking at the right side of the case with the panel removed we can see that OcUK have done a pretty good job of keeping all of that cabling in check. Although there’s a lot of cables just bundled into the base of the Case, luckily the Phanteks EVOLV ATX Case serves up plenty of space for this very purpose. It’s also worth noting that there’s addition cabling here for the LED lighting (orange of course) that’s fitted to the Titan Dark Zone.

One of the great things about the Phanteks Evolv ATX is the fact that it comes equipped with a fan controller, that not only controls the three fans that come with the Case (and the CPU Cooler) but there ‘s also room for two more.


Yet gain I find myself looking at another great system from OcUK, the Titan Dark Zone is well equipped and looks good to boot, if a little understated for my liking. There’s a good mix of components here but I can’t help but think to myself that the system seems a little pricey for a system with a single (standard) GTX 980Ti, especially as when it comes to PC Gaming the Graphics Card is king…


Testing Methodology/Setup


After some initial testing with Windows 10 it was time to push the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone through our suite of Gaming benchmarks. All of these benchmarks were run at stock settings (i.e. the PC was in the same state that it was sent to us in, no modifications were performed).


  • Benchmarks Used:


  • Games played during testing:


    Hardware Performance


    • OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone Results – (stock settings)
    Benchmark Result
    Batman: Arkham Origins 289.00 FPS
    Tomb Raider 149.00 FPS
    Metro Last Light 125.67 FPS
    UNiGiNE Heaven 2281
    3DMark (Fire Strike) 15805


    Well there’s no doubt about it the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone system is one of the fastest systems we’ve seen here at pcG, but then again it’s also one of the most expensive! As you can see from our benchmark scores the system performs well in all Gaming tests with Batman Arkham Origins averaging a colossal 289 FPS at maximum settings. Even the massively tough test that is Metro Last Light is no match for the might of the Titan Dark Zone with an average of 125 FPS. Of course these scores are backed up by the might of the Intel Core i7 6700K running at an impressive overclock of 4.5GHz. It’s also worth noting that the system was super stable during the 10 days that I spent with it, not a crash in sight!

    OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone - powered up

    From the scores we can see that the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone is best paired with a high resolution (2560×1440+) monitor and or a monitor with support for higher refresh rates (120Hz+). Although I so wish that OcUK had opted for a better 980Ti especially given the overall asking price of the system itself. It would have been nice to gave seen a factory overclocked 980Ti providing that little bit of extra punch that’s so often needed in PC Gaming.

    Storage setup is good but there are still better options available, through Overclockers themselves. With a single small SSD (250GB) and a very large HDD (2TB) you’re going to end up with most of your Games on the slow and ageing HDD, which is a shame. It really seems that the HDD just refuses to die… 😉

    Acoustically the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone performs well, with all of the system fans (inc CPU Cooler) connected up to the Phanteks fan controller in the back of the case. At idle in Windows we measured approximately 35dBA with our test equipment. But because of the CPU not really getting over 60 degrees when Gaming the fans themselves never really ramp up that much. The fans aboard the GTX 980Ti on the other hand are quite busy and in fact contribute the most to overall noise levels. We measured a maximum of 42dBA with out test equipment while Gaming.


    NOTE: Since being sent this sample for review Overclockers UK have modified the specification of the system due to the original Graphics Card (MSI GTX 980Ti Armor 2X) going out of stock. This has now been replaced with an equivalent EVGA 980Ti.


    Final Thoughts


    The OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone – Gaming PC for The Division is undeniably a damn fine Gaming PC and one that not only performs well but looks good to boot. The selection of components is very good, but there’s some pricey items here that could be deemed unnecessary given the performance on offer…

    The OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone arrived at pcG in what must be one of the biggest boxes we’ve seen, ample protection simply doesn’t describe it! Good job really as when I received the system from the courier it looked like it had been around the world a few times and not simply from Newcastle under Lyme… Luckily everything within was packaged so well that everything survived and the system booted without issue the first time around.

    Once out of the box it was soon obvious that I’d seen this Case before as OcUK have opted to use a Phanteks EVOLV ATX case for this Division themed system. It’s a good looking Case if a little understated I also happen to know it’s pretty darn expensive too! Luckily turning the system on brings that little bit of much needed bling to the party. Not only in the form of the orange(ish) power cables (GPU & CPU 24-pin) but also also in the form of some nice LED illumination. In keeping with the orange (Division) theme OcUK have added some LED lighting both inside the case and at the front and good it looks too. In fact without it the system would look, well, a little dull I guess…

    The Titan Dark Zone features a good set of components especially when listed individually. Equipped with an Intel Core i7 6700K (Overclocked to 4.5GHz), 16GB of 2400MHz RAM, an Nvidia GTX 980Ti and both an SSD and a HDD the system is likely to appeal to many, whether you’re playing Tom Clancy’s The Division or not! Yet when you look at the system as a whole and at the price (around £1650) there’s room for thought on where that money is going, and more importantly what it’s going on. In my opinion (looking at it from a PC Gaming point of view) I noted that the system could have benefited from a faster (overclocked) GTX 980Ti and also some more SSD space. Maybe the i7 and the Case could have been swapped for cheaper options in an attempt to get better overall Gaming performance…

    Having said that the performance is not to be sniffed at, in fact the Titan Dark Zone is one of the fastest systems that we’ve seen here at pcG. But then with an asking price around £1650 I should hope it was! It’s not only quiet but its super quiet at idle (around 35dBA) rising to around 42dBA when under full load Gaming.

    The OcUk Gaming Titan Dark Zone has got me sat on the fence to be honest, as on the one side we have a high performance Gaming system made up of some top tier components. It’s well put together and backed up by a great manufacturer and warranty also. But on the other side we have the asking price of £1650 that really should buy a Gaming system to die for and I’m just not sure that this is it. Having said that pretty much all of the components can be configured to your liking on the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone web page that can be found (here), time to tinker maybe… 😉



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    Overclockers UK

    OcUK Gaming
    Titan Dark Zone


    Design/Quality pcGameware awards the OcUK Gaming Titan Dark Zone a Silver

    Many thanks to Overclockers UK for providing this sample for review


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